WWE Superstar Fined $100,000 for Posting Hate Facts Online 10 Years Ago

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 15, 2019

This Lars Sullivan guy is totally based and red-pilled.

It’s incredible that he’s getting into trouble for being red-pilled before the whole Neon-Nazi thing even took off on the internet. This man was a trailblazer. A prophet of Muscular White Jihad.

But these are the times we live in. Every White man has a target on their backs and a nerd with a control + f function on their keyboard just sifting through years and years of post history.

Blacks are inferior to Whites in every single way. Lars Sullivan is living proof of this.

Forbes reports that the offensive comments were “unearthed.” But what actually happened is that public comments he made on the BodyBuilding.com forum, that everyone was aware of him making, were compiled by an anonymous Reddit poster in order to try to destroy Sullivan for having violated the moral dictates of political correctness – even though he made these comments before it was made clear what you are and are not allowed to say in 2019.

I took a look at some of the stuff that he wrote.

Some highlights:

  • “Some blacks want to take advantage of their great grandparents misfortunes, and they want a piece of the pity pie. Instead of taking some personal responsibility, they choose to attack the white man and say we must take care of them financially. Black Panther Party. These guys are the epitome of racist clowns. When immigrants (particularly of the illegal persuasion coming from our neighbors down south) hear that we are “land of the free”, to them that means they get free stuff. There is a clear political divide among the races. The democrats essentially bribing minorities for votes is the root cause of this problem. So many other reasons.”
  • “If we’re going off scientific facts, obviously wither Hispanic or Blackwomen. Who pops out the most babies at the youngest age? Hispanics followed by blacks. Why do 50% of black women have STD’s? SLOOTS.”

Now I know what you’re thinking. I did in fact do a control + f search myself for “Jews” and found… nothing.

I did, however, find something about Israel.

A question was asked on the bodybuilding.com forum:

Q: What’s more important to you, the last shit you took or Israel?

Lars Sullivan’s Answer: My vote goes to poo.

Lars Sullivan literally shits all over the kikes and isn’t afraid of anybody confirmed.

This man is good on all the questions. He understands that women need to be put in their place, that Jews control the media, that Moslems are bad news for everybody concerned and that everybody hates niggers.

In 2013, while half the nascent soon-to-be Alt-Right was stuck in lolbergtard land, this beast of a man was already red-pilled and ready to go, just waiting for the brainlets and musclelets to catch up.


Lars Sullivan is a one-man race war army.

I’ve decided to make him my “spirit animal” as the kids say nowadays.

All of you who wondered about when and where the new leader of the Alt-Right would emerge didn’t look in the most obvious place imaginable – the WWE.

When we convene the next Alt-Right Moot to decide who the Fuhrer gets to be, I’m going to put in the nomination for Lars.

Because it’s time to take this thing to the next level.

As a reminder, the title has been previously held by Milo, Sargon of Akkad, Tila Tequila, Richard Spencer and Andrew Yang.

I think Lars would take us to new heights of physical fitness and popularity in no time.