Wut: Hungarian Referendum to Fail Because of Insufficient Participation

Daily Stormer
October 3, 2016


Wow. This is pretty gay.

This was supposed to be an overwhelming victory, right?

What happened here?

Did someone put Valium in the country’s water supply?


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s effort to boost his leverage in a divided European Union suffered a setback as too few voters turned out to make the result of a referendum on refugee policy binding.

Yes. Don’t forget this is mainly a ploy to bolster his support among the far-right population of Hungary.


Here we have a scenario in which a cuck has to pretend to be a Nazi to be popular.

The share of valid votes was 39.7 percent, with 98.2 percent support for Orban’s preferred “no” vote, according to data from the election authority after 94.8 percent of the votes were counted. The government needed at least half of the electorate to cast a valid vote in the referendum, which asked the following question: “Do you want the European Union to be able to order the mandatory settlement of non-Hungarian citizens in Hungary without parliament’s consent?”

In other words, everyone who bothered to vote voted against the invasion. It’s just that most people just stayed at home, presumably to play X-Box or watch soap operas instead.



I’ll vote against having my country invaded by disgusting skittle monkeys… As soon as I finish this level.

I can only think of two reasons why the turnout would be so small.

1. The people see through Orban’s ploy and realize that it doesn’t matter if they win the referendum, because as long as they stay in the EU the invasion agenda can eventually be forced through.

2. Hungarians are so confident that they don’t even believe this invasion has any chance of affecting them, no matter what happens. In other words, they’re suffering from the “it can’t happen here” syndrome.

I’d love to say that the first possibility is more likely, as that would mean they’ll vote for a separatist party next election. But unfortunately that’s probably not what’s going on here. Orban was so successful at lulling Hungarians to sleep with his patriotic rhetoric, that now they’re not even worrying about the migrant crisis. “Orban will just take care of it, no need for a referendum.”

They’ll be in for a rude awakening.

This is actually making Orban’s job significantly more complex, however. The referendum would have been a great way to counter the EU’s pressure. Now, whatever he does, he’ll have to take personal responsibility for. If there’s one thing politicians hate, it’s taking responsibility for their decisions.

This result means that, on one hand, Orban can expect overwhelming disapproval for any form of cucking, and on the other he doesn’t have any legalistic excuses for being a Nazi.

What now, Orban?