Wuhan: Chinese Having Fun Party Time Up Close at Bar, Flaunting Coronavirus Hoax

They are telling us that the virus came from Wuhan and also that it’s so deadly that it is going to kill us all.

Does this make sense? To anyone?

This is, quite frankly, the biggest load of bullshit in all of human history.

Daily Mirror:

Clubbers have been pictured enjoying a night out as life returns to normal in Wuhan.

Young people are shown packed close together on the dancefloor in the Chinese city, where the Covid-19 pandemic is believed to have originated.

Revellers were pictured getting up close and personal with each other in a manner which is banned across large parts of the globe.

The Chinese government claims is has virtually wiped out the deadly virus, which is causing chaos across the rest of the world.

Officials say there have been no community transmissions in Wuhan – where a mass testing programme was launched for the city’s entire 11 million population – since May.

And China claims to have gone 33 days without any new cases.

The number of flights serving Wuhan, where the pandemic is believed to have started in a wet market, have returned to pre-pandemic levels, it was confirmed this week.

China claims it should have a vaccine ready for public use by November this year.

Guizhen Wu, the chief biosafety expert at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said she was injected in April and has had no side effects.

Speaking of pandemics, China may well be facing a slut pandemic, based on these photos I’m seeing.

And I will tell you this: a slut pandemic is truly deadly, and will stab straight for the heart of a nation.

But the coronavirus thing? It was always a hoax. The only reason China locked down Wuhan in the first place was that no one knew what was going on when the virus first emerged. Now that everyone knows it’s a gigantic hoax, the only countries still punishing their populations over it are the ones pushing a globalist agenda to destroy the middle class on purpose and take away everyone’s freedoms.

Everyone knows this now.

Literally, everyone can see what is going on, other than the densest of peasant garbage.

This is what happens in a democracy – the dense idiocy of the peasants is used by a tiny elite minority to destroy normal people.