WTF Is Going On In Belgium???

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 18, 2018

There have been a lot of bizarre stories lately. This one legit made me audibly “WTF” as I read it though.


A two-year-old girl found with fatal injuries in Belgium after a police chase on Thursday died from a gunshot wound to the face, prosecutors say.

The girl was in a van carrying some 30 Kurdish migrants which had been pursued for an hour in southern Belgium.

LOL. Wait, wait stop.

Let’s break this down so we don’t get lost.

There’s a van of migrants on the loose in Belgium being chased by the police and some kid is in the van. Ok…makes sense… in a superficial sort of way. Deeper questions persist however.

The chase, which began on the E42 motorway near the town of Namur, involved a scuffle, police said.

Ok, so they “had a scuffle” with the police and then ran? All thirty of them?

A police spokesman said they did not know whether the fatal shot had been fired by a police officer.

An initial report from the emergency services had stated mistakenly that the cause of death was a head injury.

“The autopsy determined the cause of death was a bullet that entered the cheek,” prosecutor Frederic Bariseau told the AFP news agency, adding that the police could not confirm who had fired the bullet.

Belgian media reported that the girl, who was with her mother, had been held out of a van window apparently to keep the police at a distance. 

The patented baby shield technique. 

I should have known.

Brown people love making a mockery out of our humanitarian instincts. They themselves have no compassion because they are not human. They do however understand that White people can be manipulated emotionally in many ways.

One of those ways is sticking a baby out of the window of a van to get the police to not shoot.

At least so they thought.

Said baby got shot anyway.


I know who the Mom of the Year Award this year goes to.

Mommy needs you to deflect the po-po’s bullets, sweetie. 

And apparently, these Kurds were just squatting in some French gymnasium with other squatter families.

I know this gets really tiring, but I feel like I must ask: what is going on in Europe? 

Who are these Kurds? Why were they in a van fleeing the police using a baby as a shield?

I get the feeling that these questions are racist and that I should stop asking them.

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