WSJ Admits Intelligence Community Withholding Info From Prez While Illegally Giving it to NYT

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 16, 2017

There has never in history been a more obvious fact than the fact that President Donald J. Trump must purge the intelligence community, Stalin-style – right now.

This has all gotten completely absurd.

Even the #1 PewDiePie hate site has been forced to tacitly admit how silly this is.

Wall Street Journal:

U.S. intelligence officials have withheld sensitive intelligence from President Donald Trump because they are concerned it could be leaked or compromised, according to current and former officials familiar with the matter.

The officials’ decision to keep information from Mr. Trump underscores the deep mistrust that has developed between the intelligence community and the president over his team’s contacts with the Russian government, as well as the enmity he has shown toward U.S. spy agencies. On Wednesday, Mr. Trump accused the agencies of leaking information to undermine him.

It’s just a fact.

they are keeping information from him while giving it to the fake news media – New York Times. Sad!

In some of these cases of withheld information, officials have decided not to show Mr. Trump the sources and methods that the intelligence agencies use to collect information, the current and former officials said. Those sources and methods could include, for instance, the means that an agency uses to spy on a foreign government.

A White House official said: “There is nothing that leads us to believe that this is an accurate account of what is actually happening.”

A spokesman for the Office of Director of National Intelligence said: “Any suggestion that the U.S. intelligence community is withholding information and not providing the best possible intelligence to the president and his national security team is not true.”

Intelligence officials have in the past not told a president or members of Congress about the ins and outs of how they ply their trade. At times, they have decided that secrecy is essential for protecting a source, and that all a president needs to know is what that source revealed and what the intelligence community thinks is important about it.

But in these previous cases in which information was withheld, the decision wasn’t motivated by a concern about a president’s trustworthiness or discretion, the current and former officials said.

It wasn’t clear Wednesday how many times officials have held back information from Mr. Trump.

The officials emphasized that they know of no instance in which crucial information about security threats or potential plotting has been omitted. Still, the misgivings that have emerged among intelligence officials point to the fissures spreading between the White House and the U.S. spy agencies.

Mr. Trump, a Republican, asked Monday night for the resignation of Mike Flynn, his national security adviser, after the White House said the president lost trust in him, in part, because he misstated the nature of his conversations with the Russian ambassador.

On Wednesday, Mr. Trump castigated the intelligence agencies and the news media, blaming them for Mr. Flynn’s downfall.

“The real scandal here is that classified information is illegally given out by ‘intelligence’ like candy. Very un-American!” Mr. Trump tweeted.

Yes, “un-American” to be certain.

Almost… Jewish.

An internal war between the President and the government itself – the “deep state,” as it were – was obviously coming at some point. The fact that it has gotten so hot so soon – with some agency recording Flynn’s phone calls and giving them to the New York Times – is somewhat staggering.

Obviously, their next move is to try and say that Trump knew Flynn was talking to the Russian ambassador, and so claim that he too violated the Logan Act, and so must be impeached.

But it has yet to be proven that Flynn violated the Logan Act – a law which bars civilians from conducting diplomacy on behalf of the government – himself. The intelligence community nor the NYT have released the tapes or transcripts. A simple conversation with the Russian ambassador is not illegal.

U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that Russia stole and leaked emails from Mrs. Clinton’s campaign to undermine the election process and try to boost Mr. Trump’s chances of winning, an allegation denied by Russian officials.

Several of Mr. Trump’s current and former advisers are under investigation for the nature of their ties to Moscow, according to people familiar with the matter. After Mr. Flynn’s dismissal, lawmakers have called on the government to release the transcripts of his conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and to disclose whether Mr. Trump was aware of or directed Mr. Flynn’s conversations.

Two senior intelligence officials denied Wednesday that Mr. Flynn had engaged in extensive contacts with Russian officials. One of the officials said none of the other advisers had extensive contacts with Russian officials or engaged in any pattern of contacts.

So then: what are we even talking about?

If Flynn did nothing wrong, why was he crucified?

Rep. Adam Schiff (D., Calif.), the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, said he has heard concerns from officials about sharing especially sensitive information with Mr. Trump.

“I’ve talked with people in the intelligence community that do have concerns about the White House, about the president, and I think those concerns take a number of forms,” Mr. Schiff said, without confirming any specific incidents. “What the intelligence community considers their most sacred obligation is to protect the very best intelligence and to protect the people that are producing it.”

“I’m sure there are people in the community who feel they don’t know where he’s coming from on Russia,” Mr. Schiff said.

In my opinion, it is most likely (((Rep. Adam Schiff))) who is masterminding this entire operation. He is the de facto Jewish leader of the intelligence community, and runs it on behalf of Israel – which is a whole hell of a lot more illegal than a phone call to an ambassador, whatever topics were discussed.

Interestingly, Trump called out the intelligence community yesterday – while standing on a stage next to Bibi Netanyahu.

In a news conference on Wednesday with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, Mr. Trump again lashed out at the media and intelligence officials, whom he accused of “criminal” leaks about Mr. Flynn’s conversations with the Russian ambassador last December.

Mr. Trump didn’t explain Wednesday why he asked for Mr. Flynn’s resignation. Instead, he suggested the leaks and the media were to blame for his ouster.

“General Flynn is a wonderful man. I think he’s been treated very, very unfairly by the media,” Mr. Trump said. “And I think it’s really a sad thing that he was treated so badly.”

“I think in addition to that from intelligence, papers are being leaked, things are being leaked,” Mr. Trump said. “It’s criminal action. It’s a criminal act and it’s been going on for a long time before me but now it’s really going on.”

Reviving his line of criticism against intelligence officials during the transition, Mr. Trump said the “illegally leaked” information was from people with political motivations. “People are trying to cover up for a terrible loss that the Democrats had under Hillary Clinton,” Mr. Trump said.

The most interesting thing about all of this is the difference between the way it is being dealt with and the way the Clinton leaks were dealt with.

With the Clinton leaks, the whole thing became not about the informational content of the leaks, but the alleged Russian conspiracy to “interfere with our democracy” by leaking them. With the Flynn leak, there is virtually no discussion at all of the actions of an intelligence community gone off the reservation, but instead we are again talking about Russia.

The intelligence community recording photo calls between a member of the Trump team and releasing it to the media should be a lot more concerning to the American people than Russia hacking someone’s emails (even if the latter were real, which it is not).

It’s time for a massive investigation by a trusted, independent body that finds the source of these leaks and finds everyone else connected to them, and charges them for treason.