Wow, That was Some Thursday

This was my true feeling yesterday.

As the regular reader is well aware, Wednesday was no glory day for John Carpenter’s The Daily Stormer (formerly John Carpenter’s Hoax Watch).

But Thursday – Thursday was really something.

None of the helpers were here (we don’t know where they go), and I, Andrew Anglin, wrote 13 complete articles myself, many of which were very good.

For example:

…and many more.

I almost feel like today should just be complete garbage in honor of how good yesterday was.

I’m old enough to remember a time when people accused me of not writing my own articles. They said it was too much, that no man could be capable of it.

And they were right – they just forgot one word: no normal man could be capable of it.

But I am a Christian man blessed by Jesus to spread the good news. Or mostly actually a lot of very bad news, in fact.

But the good news is: Christ is risen, and Christ wins.

God willing, every city with institutionalized child trannies will be nuked. Then, any remaining people who are vaxed will die.

Then what do we have?

Thy Kingdom Come.