WOW: Michael Savage Condemns the South African White Genocide

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 25, 2018

For a Jew living in San Francisco, this guy’s show is bretty gud. 

He has met with Trump at the White House and at his resort. This means he has Trump’s ear. Keeping in touch with Michael Savage lets Trump keep his ear to the ground, as it were.

And now he’s petitioning Trump to save the farmers. Making a petition, trying to get 100k signatures, getting Trump to intervene and bring White South Africans over.

This is a political realignment happening in real time, lads.

It’s hard to stress how fringe the South African thing is.

I mean, I only ever heard about it here and /pol/ for years. And now the President is bringing it up.

And now you’ve got the Radio Right throwing it’s weight behind the issue.

This is incredible.

I never thought I would see it. 

But here we are.

Bask in it for a moment, lads.

It’s suddenly going to become OK to criticize black people. It’s going to become OK to talk about anti-White discrimination.

You have Michael Savage using terms like white genocide. 


This is really happening. This is real life.

And regular conservatives are going to call niggers the real Nazis now. Which is fine. If this is the only way that White people will find it in themselves to stand up to Blacks, that’s more than OK. It would be an ironic twist of history, to be sure.

But we’re in Clown World now. You just gotta roll with it.

No one actually cares about what the Nazis were or weren’t. Nazi=bad. Calling niggers “Nazis” is amusing to say the least, but it’s just normal white people’s way of saying that they’re bad. And I can live with that.

They’re also doing the whole, “the blacks running South Africa are socialists shtick as well. They can call them Stalinists, Freemason, Reptilians or Chinese Communists for all I care.

People use the terms that they’re comfortable with.

That’s just how people are.

It’s more than enough to work with.

Don’t forget to enjoy this moment, lads. Really bask in it. Just… let it sink in.

We’re winning bigly. We’re winning more bigly than I ever imagined. It all gets better from here on out.