Worst Jew Ever: In Defense of Censorship, David Pakman Endorses Socialism, Immediately Reverses to Libertarianism

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 8, 2019

When I saw that David Pakman was on Joe Rogan, I was thinking “what exactly in fuck the deal with this here is then?”

This is a guy who basically everyone recognizes, because he uses ultra Jewish marketing techniques to promote himself. Basically spam-oriented methods. He puts out huge numbers of videos so he shows up in searches, and occasionally he has some little clip that ends up going viral. Because he’s included a clip of someone else in his own clip.

But his normal videos barely pass 10,000 views.

Here’s a random sample:

They average out to about 10,000 views each – but then there’s one with 30,000, because it’s related to conspiracies, so it shows up with those tags when people are watching conspiracy videos (which are extremely popular).

Furthermore, he mentions on the Rogan show that most of the comments on his videos are anti-Semitic, implying that a lot of these views are from woke goyim who are watching it to be disgusted on purpose. Like the way some people look at gore websites.

And this guy has been on YouTube for ten years. He’s got a studio, professional graphics, everything.

He can’t make himself popular after expending this much energy because he is simply an absolutely unbearable “human being.”

Look, I will admit it: I hate the Jews. Really, I do. Even ostensibly charismatic Jews, such as John Stewart, or ostensibly handsome half-Jews, such as James Franco, I cannot abide. They are disgusting people. The Jews that I would call my favorite Jews – Isaac Asimov, David Cronenberg, Stanley Kubrick – are Jews that are not ones that I look at and see moving around on video or hear talking. There is simply something extremely off-putting about not just their appearance and voice, but also their physical mannerisms, facial expressions, the cadence of their speech – all of it is just wrong.

No other race bothers me in this way. Though I don’t like being in the physical presence of blacks, because for some reason I just can never seem to relax around them, I can sit and watch a funny black guy on YouTube for an hour, I can watch The Wire, no problem. I don’t feel slimy and like I’m being spiritually violated. Mexicans are whatever. Asians don’t even register in my brain as having a presence, they’re like a docile type of deer.

Well, sometimes Asians register. The Asians in this new Andrew Yang healthcare ad registered.

They registered a reading on my thermometer, if you catch my drift. Registered below the belt, if you know what I’m hinting at. I registered those signal readings right in my penis, if you grasp the allusion.

The only other group that compares to the Jews with this unnatural, gross and personally violating vibe are some of the Moslems (whom are often genetically similar to Jews and East Indians). But still, they don’t come close to the Jews.

David Pakman is the ultimate form of the disgusting Jew. Watching him, or just hearing his voice, you feel like an ethereal reptilian creature is rubbing a putrid black slime all over your soul.

As I age and become more spiritual in my outlook, I’ve started to more seriously entertain the idea that when Christ said “your father is the devil,” he meant it in a literal sense, and that their bloodline actually does go back to some kind of prehistoric cosmic horror. Like if something from H.P. Lovecraft had sex with a human. And then I find myself wondering what Lovecraft himself would have had to say about that.

It could also just be the inbreeding. But these people are simply repulsive, and David Pakman really is the archetypal disgusting Jew.

What is further shocking is that he is horrible at doing kikery. I can’t even really think of any other political Jew to compare him to, so low are his skills at kikery. Usually, the physical repulsiveness corresponds with the capacity for scheming, swindling and dazzling the goyim.

Ben Shapiro is not quite as repulsive as Pakman, but he’s certainly in the same league, and he is very adept at using verbal sorcery to dazzle the goyim.

Or he was until he met Andrew Neil.

Bill Maher is an ultra-mega weaselface and he’s great at dazzling goyim.

So I was bewildered by why Rogan invited this guy on.

Then, very early into the show, he starts talking to him about the recent YouTube demonetization of Steven Crowder, and censorship generally.

At first, Joe goes through and gets Pakman to admit that the reason he was censored was that he specifically referred to the gay Mexican from Vox – who we recently discovered is also Jewish – as gay in a derogatory way. Pakman admitted that he could have called him a “fucking asshole” or whatever else, but that he needed to be punished specifically for referencing his “identity” in a negative way because that is especially likely to hurt someone’s feelings.

As the conversation continued, it got completely nuts, and it became obvious that Joe Rogan invited this Jew on his show specifically to make the people demanding all of this censorship look like slimy, ratlike weasels who don’t have any principles at all and simply desire to silence anyone who they believe could be standing in the way of their agenda.

And it worked out fantastically. No one – not even a liberal – could walk away from this show and say “you know what, that guy seemed really honest and principled, and he has some really well thought-out arguments about why we need to end free speech in America.”

I’m not going to type out the actual transcript, because the language is so obtuse and contorted (not even in the typical dazzle the goyim way), and there was a lot of gibberish filler to try and obfuscate. Plus honestly, I really don’t want to listen to it again. I’ve already done it once.

You can watch the clip above. But the conversation went more or less like this:

Rogan: These tech companies are extremely left-wing in their biases, and I just don’t think it is right for them to be able to judge someone like Crowder for his opinions when they are themselves so biased.

Pakman: These companies are not left wing.

Rogan: What do you mean? I know they are, I’ve listened to speeches by the CEO of YouTube and she’s like, going on and on about feminism and talking about James Damore, that Google memo, how he’s a sexist and the whole thing. All of Silicon Valley is leftist.

Pakman: Actually, these companies are extremely right-wing, they avoid taxes, they are highly capitalist, and they are extremely opposed to regulation. They send lobbyists to prevent them from being regulated, and claim that they can regulate themselves. Left-wing people want more regulation; these tech companies have no regulation.

Rogan: Okay, so you’re talking about economics. Well, um. Okay. But they made a very left-leaning type of decision to block this guy from making money based on his political views, because he made fun of someone in a way they didn’t like. Conservatives wouldn’t have a problem with him calling someone a queer or a fag or whatever it is he said. And they just made the decision to take all the guy’s money away from him, his entire business. You don’t see that there’s a problem with that? Is this fair?

Pakman: Yes, I do think there is a problem with that, and no it isn’t fair. But the problem is that these rules are not being enforced across the board. Steven Crowder violated YouTube’s rules against hate speech, okay, that is very clear. But the problem is that they only acted on this because there was so much media attention on him. There are tons of smaller channels saying the exact same kinds of things he says, and they’re not being demonetized or banned because there isn’t enough attention on them. And what I think they need to start doing is finding ways to go after the smaller people who are violating these rules.

Rogan: But this is the public square. If you take away people’s right to be on social media, then you really have taken away their First Amendment rights, and I just don’t see how we can allow people with these strong political biases to decide who does and doesn’t get to have free speech in America.

Pakman: Yes, it is the public square. I agree with you. If you can’t be on social media, then you have very little chance of anyone hearing what you have to say.

Rogan: So I mean, shouldn’t these rights be defended? People’s First Amendment rights? I was talking to Tulsi Gabbard and she said that she thinks free speech is a fundamental human right, and that these companies should have to allow people to say anything they want as long as it’s not illegal. And I tend to agree with that.

Pakman: Well, ultimately, you face the fact that these are private companies and they have a right to choose what they do and don’t allow on their platforms, and if they don’t want to allow hate speech, then they have a right to tell anyone they want that they can’t use their services.

Rogan: Yeah but don’t you think that it’s like, the job of the government to tell these companies that they can’t just take away people’s right to free speech like this?

Pakman: Well, that would mean regulation, and that’s…

Rogan: Yeah, shouldn’t the government come in and just say “okay, we have Constitutional rights in this country, and you guys are monopolies, and you have to respect people’s rights to say what they want to say”?

Pakman: Well that would really be regulation. And that’s – it’s actually a conservative point of view, that these companies shouldn’t be regulated, so it is funny that these conservatives are calling for regulation when it is more often leftists who believe in regulating these big capitalist companies. But I would be very uncomfortable with the government coming in and regulating these companies.

That is the literal conversation that took place. Not even exaggerating. I abridged it, but that was the exact spirit of the exchange, and I think some of the sentences are exactly the same. I will just note that sitting here writing that from memory was a lot of fun.

But go listen to the clip if you think I’m exaggerating.

It is literally a naked Jew. He doesn’t have the rhetorical capacity – the deftness with pilpul – to properly dazzle the goyim. I actually could have done a better job. I mean, attempting to skirt the fact that these companies are entirely aligned with all of the social dogma of the extreme left by bringing up the fact that they lobby against regulation in the context of a discussion about censorship was utterly idiotic. He knew he was going to have to use the libertarian “private companies can do whatever they want to anyone” argument later. He had to have known that. That is the only argument they have for why the First Amendment doesn’t apply to the internet.

Joe wasn’t trying to trick him. No one expects someone to respond to a point about social justice censorship of conservatives by bringing up the corporate tax rate. He built himself a trap and walked into it.

An incompetent Jew just openly switching back and forth between opposite positions right in front of you in order to attempt to justify the mass censorship of anyone who questions political correctness is some of the best anti-Semitic propaganda I’ve seen yet.

Good on Joe Rogan for doing this. You can say what you want about Joe – I have my criticisms – but he is smart enough to know that the ban hammer is coming for him, too. So out of self-interest, he’s doing the right thing.

This video needs to be saved for future generations of children to watch in their 5th grade “Why We Eventually Had to Just Go Ahead and Exterminate the Jews” class.