Worried Land Ape Recounts Confrontation with Nemesis Richard Spencer

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 12, 2017

Gary Younge AKA Gorilla Grodd recently confronted his nemesis Richard Spencer by ambushing him on a road. The confrontation resulted in Spencer – while flanked by a gang of Richard Spencers – telling the squat land ape that he was not British. Grodd could only respond by claiming that it was “absurd” to point out that he moved from an alien land to live in a white country.

The footage we have of the confrontation was highly edited by rat kikes, but I am assuming that Spencer pulled the “gerbil born in a fish tank” meme and it was cut out.

It is a classic meme but a meme that has never been disproved.

Grodd also claimed that if the blacks that were brought over as slaves would have been left in Africa, they would have built their own great civilization. This sort of argument is beyond comprehension.

Over a period of 300 years, roughly 10 million blacks were brought from Africa to the new world. This means that at any given time, only a fraction of the population was being shipped out. So why did the massive population remaining in Africa not build a civilization? Why did the East and Southern Africans, who were never even touched by the Transatlantic slave trade, not build a civilization?

This is just a version of the street negro’s claim that Africans invented civilization and then white people “stole it,” as if it was a material object.

Why in all the time leading up to the slave trade, did Africans never invent the wheel or written language?

Is that also somehow the fault of evil whites?

Maybe it’s the fact that their IQ is and was on average 30 points lower than ours? Maybe that explains why we invented a civilization and they did not?

Another old meme coming at you: no one claims that dog breeds are a social construct.

I would wager that if someone seriously argued that “all dog breeds are the same, they’re all just dogs” they would be laughed at.

We know that different breeds of dogs have different levels of intelligence, and dogs are only separated by 7000 years of breeding, whereas blacks are separated by hundreds of thousands of years of variant evolution.

We really are living in the age predicted by St. Anthony the Great.

A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, ‘You are mad; you are not like us.’

That is exactly what is happening, no?

To say that this:

Is biologically identical to this:

Just take a look at this profile.

Is an insane concept which is disproved by hard scientific data. The scientific data itself is not questioned, they just say it doesn’t matter. It’s irrelevant.

Everywhere around us we see it confirmed that black people are incapable of doing anything. Every single day, this fact is confirmed a thousand times over in news headlines across the world in places occupied by blacks. They rape, they murder and they fail at absolutely everything not related to athletics or rhythm.

It’s like everyone agreeing “humans can fly” and then watching someone jump off a building and splatter on the ground, then everyone looking at the bloody mess and saying “see I told you – humans can fly.”

Gary Younge has released a full documentary on evil white people.