World’s Smartest Man Hates Niggers, Loves Koko the Gorilla, Reads Daily Stormer

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 7, 2018

This is straight up something that I’ve been memeing. I’ve mentioned the gorillas vs niggers thing at least once.

It’s not very original on my part, I read something similar on /pol/ like four years ago and I never forgot it because it was lulzy.

So apparently the smartest person in the world also reads /pol/ or he reads me OR he independently came to this conclusion out of thin air because he’s a genius and this further confirms the veracity of the niggers vs. gorillas comparison.

Oh yea, this is what I’m talking about:

This man, Chris Langan, was banned from Facebook for that post. He has between a 190-210 IQ, and is thus believed to be the smartest man on earth.

Check his Wiki.

Interesting guy. He believes in God and Donald Trump.

What does this say that we’ve got the smartest man in the world on our side?

Feeling pretty smug rn.


And feeling pretty smart rn too.

With big brains like these on our side, how can we lose to the brainlets on the Left?


Because let me tell you, the people on the left aren’t smart.

They’re just credentialed.

A lot of dumb people have this compulsive desire to get credentials to prove that they’re not shallow, middling IQ bugmen. So they go to college to make sure that they can wave a degree in front of people and demand cognitive respect.

Meanwhile, on the right, we have a lot of simple people…

But also a lot of geniuses.

There’s like two mountains and a valley, use that as a metaphor to help you visualize the IQ distribution vs political values.

A lot of…simple people are conservative by default. They don’t question much and they’re happy not over-exerting their noggin. They slam down some Buds and burp out, “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.”

That’s the first mountain.

Then you’ve got slightly smarter people who start questioning things and say stuff like, “why should I listen to a three-thousand-year-old book,” or whatever. “Gay? Fine by me.”

They go into the valley.

And then if they’re smart and truth-oriented enough, they start realizing why those truths were written in the first place. “Adam and Eve is the building block of a stable civilization.”

They climb up the second mountain.

So you basically have a lot of smart people who end up espousing very conservative viewpoints. Like Chris above.

In my honest opinion, the problem with society nowadays is that we are run by slightly above average people with good social skills who have these gnawing insecurities about their own intellect and who make up for it by acting super liberal.

In their mind, this shores up any doubts about their intellect.

But all the smart people are raging racists nowadays.

Chris proves it.

How will libs ever recover?