World’s Smartest Man Calls for White Identity Politics

We’ve written before about Christopher Langan, who is billed as the smartest man alive due to his IQ scores.

He has called out the vaccine scandal, and the Jewish problem.

This week, he called for a white identity movement in resistance to the brown politics.

He posted a quote from himself on Twitter on Friday reading:

“Identity politics should either be shut down immediately, or the majority populations of Europe and North America should be encouraged to assert their own ethnic and cultural identities and group interests with full force.”

Notice that he begins with the suggestion that the whole concept of identity politics could be shut down, and we could return to a system of meritocracy. But as long as we are living in a system where every group is asserting their group interests, the idea of crippling white people, and telling them they are not allowed to have group interests, is just completely insane.

This is Langan’s Twitter banner:

It’s a pretty good feeling to find that the man who has been celebrated as the “world’s smartest man” agrees with your politics. I did not need that, and I don’t suspect that you did either, reader – but it is nonetheless a nice thing to know. It makes you feel warm inside.


The Jews have been freaking out about Langan’s increasingly more right-wing statements for years now. Here’s a 2019 headline from the Jewish Daily Forward:

This is from his Wikipedia page:

The interesting thing is that it was the Jews themselves that made him famous, pushing this novel idea of the “the world’s smartest man” after someone had come across his IQ scores.

One of his more prominent interviews was with the Jew Adam “Spike Jonze” Spiegel in 2019, shortly before he became an “icon of the Alt-Right” (or whatever).

His IQ is estimated to be between 195 and 210.

The interesting part of the novelty was that instead of becoming very rich on Wall Street or in Silicon Valley, Langan spent most of his life working at blue collar jobs. He is now a horse breeder.

I’ve said that I am certain there are many such men, with very high IQs, who look around at the world and decide that “success” is a waste of time and they’d be better off just taking it easy. There’s very little room to get involved in anything “intellectual” in our society, so most or all of the people who are really concerned about striving for high status are midwits.

I’ve always told people to get IQ tests. It’s very enlightening. You might be a tortured genius struggling as an oppressed NEET or someone who imagines himself to be a tortured genius who actually would have been happy as a carpenter. The Dunning-Kruger effect is real, and I’ve found that most of the time, people’s perception of their own intelligence is inversely correlated to their actual intelligence. Hopefully, most of us are lucky enough to have known both a soft-spoken, simple man who is always capable of grasping ideas, as well as someone who thinks he’s the smartest man who ever lived because he watched a bunch of YouTube videos about the flat earth.

To be clear, I’ve come to the conclusion that all men, regardless of their level of intelligence, will be most happy doing work with their hands. Extraordinarily intelligent men who go into the sciences or the arts are basically sacrificing the joys of working with their hands in order to give their gift to society. Like everything in our culture, this whole basic truth is flipped on its head, and people are told that the only way to be happy is to go to college.

I’ve regularly mocked the millennials who believe they are special, and imagine they’re going to be novelists or film directors. Those people are often actually not even midwits, but borderline morons, as we see with this new class of journalists pushing the “woke” agenda (if you look into any of these people, they are all failed novelists). Then you have people who are working at gas stations after having gotten degrees in history or philosophy – you have to wonder what those people were even thinking (hint: it was school counselors and boomer parents saying “just study what interests you, because you can be whatever you want to be”). All of those people would have been happier working with their hands, of course. But the same is true of less ridiculous people, who got real STEM degrees and are working in those fields. Aside from some in the the “E” category (engineers), most of them will not get to work with their hands, and they are sacrificing personal happiness by missing out on that.

I recently realized that I would much prefer to be doing plaster repair than working on this website. Actually, I would specifically prefer to be running a company that does full restorations of the interiors of historic homes. Nothing about my life would not be better if I was not doing that instead. But I realize also that I am making a sacrifice for society, to be the guy who says all of the things that no one else is willing to say.

Don’t get me wrong – I do enjoy this work. I’m bright and bushy tailed every morning. But I’d rather be restoring 19th century wood moulding and plaster.

This general removal of the male population from meaningful work with their hands could actually be identified as one of the core, key problems of modernity. I think removing men from their natural work environments is at least as damaging as removing women from their natural state as mothers and homemakers. With both, we ask “what has been gained?” and come up empty-handed.

I grew up in an upper-middle class neighborhood, where everyone was told they were special. They formed music bands, and went to art school. Twenty years later, the women are all childless and miserable, and most of the men are dead from opioid overdoses. The question of what specifically went wrong with my generation has been weighing on me heavily over the last year. We all understand the macro situation, but for me it’s personal, because I lived through it, and understanding these details matters to me.

Yes, the godless materialism that we were born from is the ultimate explanation as to why our lives were so meaningless. We were fed meaninglessness. Even and especially the Christian religion was hollowed out and made meaningless, as baby boomers became obsessed with Israel and “end times prophecy,” choosing to embrace preachers who told them the meaning of life was to get rich and feel happy all the time.

But it is an interesting hypothetical: if, instead of being told to go to college and become “whatever they want to be,” millennials had been sent out to work on a farm, would they have rebelled against the solipsistic nihilism of the boomers instead of becoming its final form? The obvious answer seems to be “yes,” though you would also have to factor in women’s liberation, and figure out if even a clear-headed generation could have figured out how to deal with that.

So for me, the most interesting thing about Langan is the fact that he worked in construction, as a cowboy, and as a nightclub bouncer. But I’m also glad that he shares my political views. I don’t need to be reminded that I’m right, but I appreciate it.

Lagan’s current Twitter account is still up for the time being.