World War Jones Victory: Joe Rogan has Alex Jones on Show, Surrenders Unconditionally

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 28, 2019

Joe Rogan made an unconditional surrender to the Alex Jones Machine and invited the man back on his show.

I haven’t seen a surrender like this since the French.

Just to be clear: these were not “peace talks.” This was an unconditional surrender by Joe Rogan to Alex Jones and Jesus Christ, because Jesus told Alex Jones to declare World War Jones and then we the people rallied and won that war.

I am filled with a deep pride that when Alex Jones put out the call to go to war with Joe Rogan, me and my people heeded the call. This is not the first time I’ve been on the winning side of an internet war, but it may be the most satisfying.

Imagine that Alex Jones has been kicked off of everything, and Joe Rogan is the most promoted person on the entire internet, and Alex Jones is able to force Joe Rogan into a submission because the people will rally around Alex Jones.

Alex Jones is on a mission from Jesus Christ and he cannot be defeated.

The reason this was a surrender is that Joe Rogan was explicitly trying to move away from this type of material in order to get in good with his Hollywood Jew comrades, who hate Alex Jones because they are satan-worshiping pedophiles who work for the Chinese. Now, he’s blown his entire mission from the Jews.

Basically, the last two weeks of the Joe Rogan show have been damage control after he did the NYT chubby chipmunk Jew interview and the @jack interview and Jones declared World War Jones against him.

But there was no controlling THIS damage.

No one can do anything when the Jones Machine rides against them.

So Joe eventually cracked, and surrendered to the Jones Machine, inviting him on to talk about whatever he wanted for five hours.

This is breaking news and I haven’t watched the entire 5 hour surrender session yet, but I’m a couple hours in and let me tell you – this is fantastic.

I have never seen a man as broken as Joe Rogan has been broken by the Jones Machine.

Joe Rogan has literally been enslaved by Alex Jones, and will be forced to be his servant for the rest of his life. When Joe Rogan dies, his children and their children will have to spend their existences working for the agenda of Alex Jones.

Here are the organized clips of the show, which you can watch based on their names if you don’t have time to listen to the entire 5 hour surrenderfest.