World War Jones: Joe Rogan Mounts Faulty Defenses with Sam Harris and Tim Pool Interviews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 9, 2019

tfw war were declared

Joe Rogan has been under brutal assault by the Alex Jones Machine ever since he interviewed Jack Dorsey and shilled for Jack’s censorship program. Jesus Christ then gave a direct order to Alex Jones to destroy Joe Rogan.

(Please check my previous articles here and here for the background.)

Rogan’s podcast with Jack was his most hated ever, by his own admission. This is a result of being assaulted by the Jesus-backed Jones Machine.

Rogan’s pitiful response has been to panic and run down to the safety of the town as if a werewolf was hot on his trail.

But you can’t hide from Alex Jones.

He’s got eyes in the sky. 

Rogan on Thursday did a podcast with the Jewish mind-fiend Sam Harris, wherein they both apologized for not going hard against Jack.

This is the full show here, but the discussion of this topic is at the beginning.

Harris is intelligent and devious. He’s basically a Jew who thinks other Jews are Jewing the goyim a bit too hard. He and Rogan basically sucked each other off talking about how great Dorsey was

Then on Friday, Rogan had on Tim Pool.

This was a more clever move, because Pool was just insulting Dorsey as a criminal and a liar and saying Jones did nothing wrong.

But that won’t work either.

There’s no where to run, Joe, and you’d better start fighting back.

Because meanwhile, Alex Jones is begging Joe Rogan to denounce pedophile rings, and vaguely implying that the fact he isn’t doing that means he’s probably involved in them.

His Thursday show was the ultimate BOMB.

This is where we’re at on Team Jones/Jesus (also my team):

  1. The Alex Jones-Joe Rogan feud is a big news story.
  2. Joe Rogan is a funny guy.
  3. Alex Jones’ family tells him Joe Rogan is a globalist.
  4. Alex Jones started researching Joe Rogan a few months ago – and found out he was a globalist.
  5. The globalists are going through everyone online and figuring out if they’ll put out the party line.
  6. Joe Rogan uses George Soros talking points.
  7. There is a satanism epidemic in the UK and they eat children.
  8. Sex with dead bodies, drinking their blood, eating their brains.
  9. Jimmy Savile was part of a satanic ring and had sex with dead bodies and told the hospital staff.
  10. Joe Rogan knows all about this and covers it all it up, siding with Jimmy Savile who feeds on children.
  11. Big tech stars defend pedophiles and satanism.
  12. Prince Charles lives in Dragon Castle.
  13. Satanists love to do it in the open because it gives them power.
  14. Oh but you know that, don’t you Joe Joe?
  15. The biggest trend in LA is drinking children’s blood.
  16. Children under ten are giving blood that is injected into the veins of the elite.
  17. Al Gore carries around a little refrigerator with children’s blood.
  18. Joe Rogan is a psychopath and he’s chosen his side.
  19. Alex Jones is just doing his duty exposing this.
  20. Joe Rogan is not a pedophile.
  21. Joe Rogan made his bed.
  22. Alex Jones is the echo of what is left of Joe Rogan.
  23. Joe Rogan is so powerful, why should he run?
  24. Whether Joe Rogan is a pedophile or not, this is a metaphysical decision.
  25. Joe Rogan thinks he’s going to play dumb with his listeners.
  26. Why if Joe Rogan is not a pedophile is he defending this?
  27. Joe Rogan defends pedophiles out of hand.
  28. Joe Rogan is calling Alex Jones through intermediaries and saying he’s supposed to already be defeated.
  29. Jimmy Savile would bite out 2-year-old girls arteries and rape them while they begged for mommy.
  30. DMT demons tell Joe Rogan Hell doesn’t exist.
  31. All Alex Jones wants is for Joe Rogan to tell his audience about pedophile gangs in the UK.
  32. Alex Jones would never want to terrify children and rape them, although he understands Satanism.
  33. Alex Jones is not demanding that Joe Rogan accepts Jesus Christ, he only wants him to denounce Satan and Jimmy Savile.
  34. If Joe Rogan doesn’t denounce Satan, in 7 days Alex Jones will release the plagues.
  35. Alex Jones won’t even be in America when he releases the plagues.
  36. The hammer is coming down.
  37. Hollywood pimps won’t support Joe Rogan.
  38. This is Joe Rogan’s last chance to jump on the helicopter.

So, will Joe Rogan decide to denounce Satan and Jimmy Savile?

Well, seeing as how Joe Rogan is allied with both of them, I am not going to hold my breath.

So the war will continue.

Sometime in the next week, the plagues will be released by Alex Jones, which will sweep through and destroy Joe Rogan.

Remember to Support Team Jones in World War Jones

Downvote all of Joe Rogan’s videos and post comments. Attack him when your comments are deleted and tell everyone else in the comments your comments were deleted.

Spread anti-Rogan and pro-Jones propaganda everywhere you can, encourage everyone to back Jones in this war.