World War Jones: Joe Rogan is a Sneaky Snake

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 10, 2019

I’ve got some important updates on World War Jones, straight from the frontlines of the Jones War:

  1. Joe Rogan is a sneaky snake.
  2. Joe Rogan is sponsored by multiple Jack Dorsey companies and he doesn’t tell people that.
  3. Joe Rogan is on with George Soros talking points every day.
  4. CNN has no viewers, Joe Rogan does.
  5. Joe Rogan wants you to think Alex Jones is tied up in a corner.
  6. Joe Rogan called Alex Jones last night and tried to apologize in messages, but Jones has nothing to say to him.
  7. Alex Jones is not insane, Jimmy Savile has sex with dead children.
  8. Alex Jones is not schizophrenic and he can walk the line. He can mountain climb and is a pretty cool dude.
  9. Jimmy Savile would lay plastic on the floor and slit children’s throats.
  10. Alex Jones is not making this up, they are trying to shut him up.
  11. Joe Rogan ate donkey testicles.
  12. Joe Rogan is almost to the higher echelons of evil.
  13. Joe Rogan is good pickings.
  14. Joe Rogan’s insider trading is all over the news now, and he’s a sneaky snake.
  15. Joe Rogan thought Alex Jones didn’t know what was happening, and actually Joe Rogan didn’t understand what was happening even though he’s a jujitsu master.
  16. Alex Jones has never sold his ass to anyone, he never breaks his word or his balls.
  17. Joe Rogan is compromised.
  18. Alex Jones never said Joe Rogan was in the CIA, he only said that all the people around him pushing DMT are in DARPA and other CIA groups.
  19. Alex Jones is not coming after Joe Rogan because he didn’t have him on his podcast, he’s pissed because when he started looking into him it was the worst and then it got worse.
  20. Joe Rogan is like the Satan Channel or something.
  21. God’s Channel has spaceships and your wife.
  22. Alex Jones witnessed stuff from Joe Rogan he would never say on air, if you’re in a hotel room with him at 6 AM in Vegas he will try to do something gay with you.
  23. There has to be some presentation to the cooking of the turkey.
  24. Alex Jones wants to burn Joe Rogan down because Alex Jones is not for sale because he already beamed up to God’s ship.
  25. Joe Rogan is trying to get in contact with retard demons from hell by taking DMT.
  26. In higher dimension, you do not see Joe Rogan walking around.
  27. This is all about defiling their gods and burning bridges.
  28. Satan doesn’t want you to know there’s a bridge.
  29. You have to accept God.
  30. Alex Jones is carrying out God’s mission.

This war is getting HEAVY.

We don’t even know where this could go next. But it will probably end up with Alex Jones in LA confronting Joe Rogan like he confronted Little Marco.

With regards to Joe Rogan, I listened to more of his DAMAGE CONTROL podcast with Jewish terror lord Sam Harris, and it was revealed that Sam Harris is some kind of handler for Joe Rogan. He arranged the interview with Elon Musk that turned into a total disaster, and he claimed that it only turned into a disaster because Joe and Elon didn’t follow his instructions.

Harris says of the Elon Musk show:

You know how much I tried to micromanage that behind the scenes, right? Like, I was all in your grill trying to figure that out, and you guys basically broke all the rules I thought I laid down. Elon did it … You know it, I didn’t want you guys to go live, I wanted both you guys to have a chance to say ‘wait a minute, is smoking a blunt really the thing we want to be doing here?’ So, you didn’t take my advice, and it was what it was.

So that is an open admission that Joe Rogan has a Jew literally “micromanaging” his show.


How did this situation come about?

Well, because Joe Rogan is a member of an evil council, made up almost entirely of Jews.

He and Jordan Peterson are the only goys in this council.

From left: Jordan Peterson, Eric Weinstein, Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin, Joe Rogan and Sam Harris.

Jews are 2% of the population and 66.6% of Joe Rogan’s council, which refers to itself as “the intellectual dark web.”

These people are constantly meeting each other and jacking each other off.

This is the most obvious thing in the world, what has happened here:

Joe Rogan is a sort of dumb guy who hit it big with a podcast that has more listeners than any show on CNN and more importantly reaches a completely different audience than anyone the mainstream Jewish media can reach. So these particular Jews who paint themselves as radicals or otherwise independent of the Jewish machine weaseled their way in and began directing the show.

We know now – by his own verbal admission right there on the show – that Sam Harris organized the interview with Elon Musk, which turned out to be probably the biggest publicity Rogan has ever gotten. The AJ show in 2017 was the most viewed ever, but didn’t have anywhere near the media coverage of the Musk show – or the cultural relevance (it ended up getting Elon fired as the CEO of Tesla).

So clearly, these Jews were able to offer him something in return for presenting a certain line, which he has done. He has begun doing this more aggressively.

The recent Bari Weiss interview was absolutely the most Jewish thing I’ve ever seen.

I don’t think there is a need to start suggesting that Rogan is involved in Satanism and pedophilia as Jones is doing. Not that I fault him for it, but it’s not hard to come up with a much simpler explanation. He is openly meeting with this council of Jews, they are openly assisting his career, he is openly shilling their agenda – this is just basic math.

I promise you that we are now witnessing his collapse. He is in full damage control mode at this point, he is apologizing, he is calling Alex Jones, he is trying to right the course – but it’s over. The more he squirms, the deeper he sinks.

Though there isn’t really a need to suggest that Rogan himself is involved in it, Alex Jones was smart to tell him that all he had to do was talk about elite pedophilia. Because he isn’t going to do that. That is one of the lines that I’m sure if he calls Sam Harris, he will be told he can’t cross. He can talk about trannies and the media lying and whatever other Fox News-tier talking point, but if he starts going into satanic pedophile cults, they will pull the rug and start using the media machine to attack him – if not just go ahead and do him like they did Alex Jones and censor him from everything.

I don’t personally think that Rogan is involved in satanic pedophilia, but that is something he’s not allowed to talk about.

To understand Joe Rogan’s motivation, there’s a relatively clear other level:

Alex Jones was made an example of. He’s lost probably at least 75% of his audience by being banned from everything. Not to mention that it is just really a bad feeling to be taken out of the conversation. As a man, to have built something, and then just have it taken away from you – it is very difficult.

So along with getting him primo guests and positive news coverage from the media, I am certain that Rogan’s Jew council told him “look, we can make sure you stay on these platforms, we just have to make sure you keep within certain bounds.”