World War Jones: Joe Rogan Can’t Stand Against God’s Messenger Alex Jones and His Neesonesque Revenge Quest

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 8, 2019

The day is here, the war has begun, and you all must choose: are you with Alex Jones and Jesus Christ, or are you with Joe Rogan, the Chinese and Satan?

To help you with this decision, let me give you a quick rundown of where we’re at in World War Jones.

  1. Alex Jones will never be part of the system, even though they offered it to him. When he tasted it, it tasted like liquid death.
  2. This is all a simulation – they already banned him two years ago. When they banned his fan accounts, it was a ritual to act like they’re banning him again.
  3. God literally told Alex Jones to go on the warpath and not be a nice person.
  4. Alex Jones is ready to die and he is coming for all of you.
  5. Alex Jones commits to God and swears on the altar of Jesus Christ he will destroy the enemy.
  6. When you get dropped into that cold water and you’re going down, you’re going to know that God did it.
  7. Alex Jones declares war on all of you and he wants their attacks, he isn’t doing any more games because he wants war.
  8. Alex Jones is embarrassed by Joe Rogan trying to seduce him.
  9. Alex Jones is going down to the cave to make love to your mama, Beowulf style.
  10. Joe Rogan doesn’t work for the CIA, he works with the CIA to promote mind control drugs.
  11. Alex Jones is not harassing families.
  12. Joe Rogan uses George Soros Media Matters talking points.
  13. Alex Jones is not trying to be Joe Rogan’s friend – he’s trying to destroy him.
  14. Alex Jones doesn’t want to be on Joe Rogan’s show.
  15. Alex Jones took down Hillary.
  16. Joe Rogan is a big tough man, he should fight back.
  17. Joe Rogan is a cowardly sonovabitch.
  18. Alex Jones is not creeping around in the shadows anymore.
  19. Alex Jones is going to lay Joe Rogan low.
  20. Joe Rogan is a weak link in the system.
  21. Joe Rogan should be careful when he’s out driving his car, the globalists might take him down.
  22. Joe Rogan is about to taste the teeth of the resistance.
  23. Joe Rogan is sponsored by Jack Dorsey and doesn’t talk about it.
  24. Joe Rogan is working with Jack Dorsey to illegally push securities.
  25. Joe Rogan wants to knock Alex Jones’ teeth out like some goddamn horse. And then he wonders why he’s against him.
  26. Alex Jones is in trouble like George Washington or Jesus Christ was in trouble.
  27. Joe Rogan is LA on display. He is a beta bitch trying to act like a man as he bends over to the big corporate guys. They load him up and he is just a big come-dump for corporate guys.
  28. Joe Rogan deserves whatever happens to him.
  29. Joe Rogan is an hour of the Alex Jones show every day now. This will include his wife.
  30. Alex Jones is powering up and it’s like “bzzzzz” and then it’s like “pew pew pew.”
  31. Alex Jones is already strangling Joe Rogan and it’s like a DMT experience with little elves.
  32. Alex Jones will be looking right in Joe Rogan’s eyes when he strangles him to death.
  33. God is going to destroy Joe Rogan.
  34. Alex Jones doesn’t care if Joe Rogan sends the Vegas UFC mafia after him, he’ll deal with it.
  35. Alex Jones is going to pull the trigger on Joe Rogan and send a big old truth load right into his guts.
  36. Joe Rogan spent his whole life acting like a tough sonovabitch – until he ran into Texas.
  37. Joe Rogan is a goddamn devil worshiper.
  38. Alex Jones will come after Joe Rogan from prison.

Alex is saying a lot, but he is definitely right that Joe Rogan has been chosen by the elite to be a “cool” way to promote an agenda. I hadn’t been watching his show, but I said this as soon as he did that interview with Bari Weiss. It was the most obvious thing in the world that he had this bitch on and softballed her to promote the entire Jew agenda.

If Alex Jones is going full-on in Jesus-directed war against everyone, maybe he’ll start talking about the Jews… instead of the Chinese?

I would prefer that. But right now, I’m enjoying World War Jones so much that I’m not going to press that particular issue.

He’s as war-ready as I’ve ever seen a man.

I’m a little bit worried that some of what Alex Jones is saying could be construed as death threats by law enforcement. Because he did say he was going to look into his eyes as he strangled him to death.

“How can I support Alex Jones and his glorious war against Joe Rogan?”

I’m sure that is the number one question on your mind right now.

And the answer is simple: get in Joe Rogan’s comments section, and force him to start deleting comments. Downvote all of his videos. Create the sense of a total backlash against him among his fans, which will lead him into a panic.

Joe Rogan has made a deal with these people, whether it was formal or not, and he doesn’t understand the implications. He doesn’t understand that this is the internet, and the mob rules these tubes.

Once he starts deleting comments, the jig is up.

What will be the theme song of this war?

I don’t know, but I know it will be by Billy Idol.

When Jones rides into LA on his Neesonesque revenge mission, I’m picturing “Hot in the City.”

I can picture him stalking Joe Rogan’s wife on the streets of LA in his car wearing dark sunglasses, planning to take her down first, and listening to to “White Wedding.”

I can picture him rocking “Rebel Yell” when he breaks into Joe Rogan’s house Bohemian Grove style in the midnight hour.

I can even picture Alex looking at old pictures of himself with Joe Rogan and listening to “Eyes Without a Face” as he mourns the loss of a friend to the demons of the New World Order system controlled by Chinese agents like Mark Zuckerberg and Bari Weiss.

It’s sickening what these chinks have done.

Destroying our friendships with their demonic globalistic temptations.

Never forget what they took from us.

These Chinamen.