World War Jones: Joe Rogan Called Black People “Planet of the Apes”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 15, 2019

Timestamped for your pleasure: 

From the frontlines of the infowars, World War Jones continues.

Joe Rogan – who is working with satanic pedophiles – is on the ropes.

Here’s the latest:

  1. Alex Jones doesn’t want to attack his old friend Joe Rogan.
  2. Alex Jones and Joe Rogan have grown apart.
  3. Alex Jones’ listeners asked him why he’s saying Joe is a good guy.
  4. Alex Jones won’t even say what Joe Rogan said in this clip.
  5. Alex Jones doesn’t endorse what Joe Rogan said.
  6. Joe Rogan is not a racist.
  7. Joe is a very private person.
  8. Alex Jones is releasing this controversy so Joe understands what he feels like.
  9. Joe Rogan raises black children.
  10. No one knows that Joe Rogan adopts black children.
  11. If Alex Jones said what Joe Rogan said, he’d be finished.
  12. Alex Jones had the best bank rating anyone has ever seen, 5 star everything, he may have the perfect credit ever seen.
  13. Now Alex Jones has an F rating because of a secret group.
  14. Joe Rogan compares black people to Planet of the Apes.
  15. Of course black people look like gorillas.
  16. Joe Rogan can’t have the leftist thing and eat the cake.
  17. Joe Rogan can’t judge anyone when he said Planet of the Apes.
  18. Alex Jones believes in what people stand for.
  19. Joe Rogan was all for Alex Jones’ deplatforming before, now he’s under the heat.
  20. It’s time for Joe Rogan to feel what it’s like.

Alex then plays the clip.

It is about Joe Rogan going to see Planet of the Apes using the iPhone app and he says he asked the taxi driver if it was a good neighborhood and the driver couldn’t speak English and said yes. But when he walked into the theater, “we walked into Planet of the Apes – there was no white people.”

Joe Rogan has hair, but he’s doing his podcast and talking about an iPhone app, so the clip is probably from the time of the release of “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” in 2011.

You can’t say that, Joe.

Can’t say that.

Now it’s time for you to be removed from everything.

This is worse than when Alex Jones said that Sandy Hook was all actors.

This is the worst thing ever.

Your life is over now, Joe.

  1. Alex Jones is the real ape.
  2. Alex Jones beats black people’s asses.
  3. Alex Jones is not ashamed of his simian nature.
  4. Joe Rogan can’t sit there and say crap like that in his glass house.
  5. You heard him.
  6. Joe Rogan is a Nasty Snake.
  7. Alex Jones doesn’t take pleasure in going after Joe Rogan.
  8. Joe Rogan supports George Soros.
  9. The EU is controlled by Nazis.
  10. Northern Europeans have the highest average IQ.
  11. Where are people making spaceships and computers?
  12. There are some smart black people, but statistically they are not.
  13. Black people are not evolved for long-term strategic thinking.
  14. Joe Rogan gets away with calling black people apes.
  15. If Joe Rogan is going to call black people apes, he should stop hating white people.
  16. Four out of five priests are gay.
  17. Alex Jones has done some things and he doesn’t judge anyone.
  18. Alex Jones has killed his children, which is worse than gay sex.

Joe Rogan is finished.

He can’t say this stuff about black people.

Only he isn’t finished, because he works with the globalists.