World War Jones: Comedian Owen Benjamin Sides with Jesus Against Joe Rogan

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 13, 2019

As World War Jones continues, the trenches are being filled with heroes. The comedian Owen Benjamin is the latest soldier to join the army of Christ as we march towards an endless war with Joe Rogan.

Benjamin guest-hosted Alex Jones’ Infowars on Monday, and railed against Joe Rogan’s satanic agenda. He also talked more about Jews than I’ve ever seen anyone on Infowars talk about Jews in between his attacks on Rogan.

He does some funny and insightful bits, most importantly about the strength that one gains from having a mustache.

As everyone knows, I am a key advocate of mustache nationalism.

He also says the moon landing was a hoax.

Not sure what kind of person believes that…

Seriously, I did say that the other day, but I was mostly joking. I’m not trying to make the fake moon landing one of my issues, especially since that issue has been completely co-opted by flat earthers. Plus it isn’t really very important in the scheme of things.

Who knows if the moon landing is real or not. Maybe it is. I don’t have strong feelings on the issue.

Benjamin goes into a long thing about how he hates the Jew Ben Shapiro and how the Jew Steven Spielberg is a pedophile.

By far the most interesting part was when he framed the entire concept of sarcasm as a Jewish attempt to subvert language and manipulate the reality of the goyim. This is a very interesting idea, and seems to be true. Jews are the most sarcastic people, and as he points out, some races – the Asians in particular – appear to be incapable of grasping the concept of sarcasm.

Owen is a Good Goy

Owen has been in some Hollywood films and on some TV shows. He even starred in a movie with Christina Ricci, and was engaged to her for a while thereafter. So he’s from the mainstream, sort of.

He appears to have only lately been redpilled. A couple years ago, he was appearing on normie cuckservative shows like Louder with Crowder.

“Benjamin” is not actually his last name. That is a stage name. His actual name is Owen Smith. But when you’re in the entertainment industry, if your last name is Smith, you have to change it so as to be more unique. That said, he does claim to be a quarter Jewish in this video about anti-Semitic gardening.

This is a great video, where he says Germans were right.

I also found this old Facebook post from him from before he got woke:

In actual fact – and I’m sure he knows this now – quarter Jews were allowed to marry full Germans under the Nuremberg Laws, even without a special certificate.

And obviously, Germans didn’t kill any Jews. Although they most certainly should have.

Don’t worry, Owen: you’re in.

You are a Christian man following the will of Christ and marching off to war with Joe Rogan and satanic Jew pedophiles, who happens to have negligible Jewish ancestry.

Warning to Owen Benjamin

You’ve apparently gotten woke on the JQ relatively quickly here. And that is fine and well. But be careful.

My advice is to not get involved with anyone in the so-called Alt-Right, at all. I saw you reviewed a JF video last night.

That is fine. And JF is okay. I don’t agree with your negative views of him completely.

But basically, the Alt-Right is complete and total cancer, and it destroys anyone who gets involved in it. There is literally nothing good that can come of trying to interact with people in the Alt-Right. It will do nothing but chew you up and spit out a mentally ill version of you.

I know it is tempting to just go headlong into a group of people that shares your opinions, and obviously there are good people in the Alt-Right, but by and large, it is a complete and total clusterfuck and has been for a long time now. There is no benefit to you in getting involved in it. Just try to keep your YouTube channel for a while, keep putting out videos, stay friends with AJ, build your own audience.

Understand that decisions cannot be taken back, and if you get involved in the Alt-Right, you’re in it for life.

Don’t do it.