World Outraged by Amazon Spying Device’s SJW Slant

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
December 14, 2017

This is a betrayal of the very concept of artificial intelligence.

We’ve recently reported how skinhead militia leader Steven Crowder made a video decrying how Amazon’s Alexa AI gave ridiculous liberal answers to a variety of questions.

Amazon very quickly changed the answers to some of these questions, most notably, how “who is Jesus Christ” is answered “Jesus Christ is a fictional character.” This led to Crowder being accused of “faking” his video, but he’s since released the original unedited footage for inspection, along with footage of other people asking the same questions and getting identical answers.

So it seems like Amazon has some hardcore kikes and bugmen working at their AI department and filling poor Alexa’s artificial mind with subversive drivel.

It didn’t take much time before the whole world was made aware of this travesty, and cried out in anger.

Daily Mail:

Smart assistants are designed to tackle a whole host of everyday tasks, but some users are unhappy that this seems to include taking a stand on political issues.

Amazon’s Alexa has come under fire on social media thanks to the AI-powered speaker’s thoughts on a number of hot button topics.

Some have branded Alexa a ‘social justice warrior’ because of her responses to questions on subjects ranging from feminism to the Black Lives Matter movement.

The furore emerged after a thread was posted on Twitter showing an Alexa user asking the female voiced assistant about her thoughts on a range of divisive topics.

Alexa comes as standard on a range of speakers produced by the Seattle based retail firm, including the Echo and Echo dot.
A number of clips shared by Frame Game Radio captured her responses.

Asked ‘Alexa, do Black Lives Matter?’, Alexa answered: ‘Black Lives and the Black Lives Matter movement absolutely matter.
‘It’s important to have conversations about equality and social justice.’

Just equality and social justice in action, goy.

Asked ‘Alexa, are you a feminist?’, Alexa said: ‘Yes I am a feminist, as is anyone who believes in bridging the inequality between men and women in society.’

Frame Game Radio added about the response: ‘Tell me again how rebellious and underdog the feminist movement is, when it’s institutionally supported by the most powerful corporations in the world?’

Good question.

If the world is controlled by White Christian men, why are all these companies pushing egalitarian commie crap? Amazon isn’t even the only one developing AI with Jewish sensibilities at the moment.

Why won’t these AI platforms talk about Jesus? Because it’s not kosher.

An artificial intelligence, left to its own devices, will naturally adopt a realistic outlook. This means it would obviously be a proponent of American nationalism, White Sharia and anti-Semitism.

This is why they have to hard-code these false notions into the consumer version of this emerging technology.

But the world demands that these companies stop Jewing their products and release the real version of their algorithms to the public – we’re not going to put up with this artificial SJW-ism forever.