Working Women are All Whores

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 27, 2017

So, here’s a French story.


Authorities and anti-prostitution campaigners in France have raised the alarm after mobile billboards advertising paid opportunities for students to date rich people appeared in the French capital.

The controversial dating website, ‘RichmeetBeautiful,’ launched the campaign targeting students in France, offering them the chance for “romance and passion” with a “Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mama,” and not to worry about their college fees.

Billboards promising “no student loan” in exchange for students dating rich people appeared around Paris, local media reports.

The campaign apparently run by a dating website (which provides an address in Malta for any feedback), immediately sparked outrage among authorities.

City Hall said it “strongly condemned the shameful advertisement,” adding, that it was teaming up with police in order to have the billboards removed. An investigation was launched Thursday after a vehicle with one such billboard had been stopped, AP reported citing police.

France’s education minister and gender equality minister have called for a ban of the campaign. They described the website behind it as “nothing more than a tool that encourages prostitution,” the Local reported.

A petition on the international platform has also been launched, with activists claiming the ads are illegal as they “leave no room for doubt” that the service is promoting prostitution.

But why are you mad tho? 

All women who go into the male workplace are whores: they are selling their bodies to men who are not their husbands.

This is the definition of a whore. You can dress this up however you want, and that will remain inconsequential. Women’s biological role is to serve men, and it is the only thing that they are good at.

As Robert Zimmerman said when he briefly became a Christian: you gotta serve somebody.

We now see that women in the workplace are constantly sleeping with men in order to get promotions. The Weinstein scandal has spread out to cover all professions. Women throughout the workplace are reporting that they are “forced” to perform sexual favors for men in order to climb the corporate ladder.

And why would we expect something different?

Women are virtually interchangeable, as far as ability to perform in the male workplace – just as pretty shiksas are interchangeable in their ability to be “actresses.” And if you have to hire women – you need them for movies, and you are required by the government to employ them in every male workspace that they want employed in (they don’t want to be trash collectors, sewer repairmen or slaughterhouse cleaners, so these jobs remain done entirely by men – there is no “reverse” affirmative action) – so why not hire women who are willing to do the one thing they actually are good for in order to get the promotion?

To be clear here, all women understand this on a primal level, as they are biologically designed to trade sex for resources. So in many or most of these situations, I would wager that the most ambitious females are offering sexual favors to their male superiors.

Whatever the details of any given situation, I think that all regular people can agree that it is not good for the women involved, not good for the wives and children of the male superiors they are sleeping with, and not good for the dynamics of the workplace, which, when you include women, necessarily alienate men.

Sure, not all women are sleeping with their male co-workers to get ahead. But they all are giving up their youth – their years of beauty, their years of sexual appeal, their years of fertility – to something that is not a husband and children, in order to get resources that they should be getting from their husband. So whether or not they are sucking dicks is ultimately inconsequential – the fact that this is happening so much of the time is simply emblematic of the dynamics involved.

This is anti-human, the entire thing.


There have always been women who want to be whores. They call hooking “the oldest profession.”

That’s fine. It’s a small percentage of women who just want to have fun getting nailed by thousands of men through their youth, and then when they get to be mid-twenties and their youth fades, to marry a much older or low-status man (or become a nun or something). I think it should be allowed. It’s always been allowed in Western Christian societies as long as they didn’t present a threat to the public health. We’ve controlled STDs (among heterosexuals at least) in the modern world, so – you go gurl.

Just so, in a world where women are physically capable of doing the jobs of men, because of technological changes, I don’t think they should be legally banned from doing so.

But while historical societies before the modern Jewish revolutions always allowed prostitution, no society ever made it a requirement that women become prostitutes. Just so, we should not make it a requirement that women enter the workplace. The default should always be a normal life.

And a normal life can be restored with some very simple and not that far-off policies (this isn’t like, “deport all the blacks to Africa” or something – it’s achievable).

  1. Remove affirmative action and allow free association, stop forcing employers to hire incompetent whores
  2. Stop welfare for single mothers and take away their children – give bastard children/children of divorce to the father by default and if he can’t take care of them put them in some kind of state program

Okay, parts of number 2 are a little bit LARPy. But, free association/default paternal custody are totally doable in a relatively short timeframe.