Working-Class White Children Have Been Sold Completely Down the River

Juno News
July 1, 2014

Multiculturalism means stamping out indigenous White cultures.

Multiculturalism – translated it means being anti white.

The white liberals won’t be satisfied until there are no white children left to send to school. Then it will be “job done”. These white liberals are simply evil, doing everything in their powers to dismantle British values, customs and heritage – from the inside. Like a cancer they eat away at traditional values, family life, education using mass immigration and “multiculturalism” as a battering ram. We used to reject these people as dangerous fringe elements but now they are in every walk of life – schools, universities, NHS, local authorities even the police.

I will celebrate the day our nation picks itself up of the floor, brushes itself off and stands up for itself and its Judeo-Christian Heritage that made us one of the greatest nations on earth.

Left wing teachers and academics hate native white English culture and regard any celebration of it as racist.

In contrast, they regard all foreign cultures as inherently more enriching and worthy of celebrating than native white English culture and thus this is what they promote in the education system.

The ultimate aim is to make the native white English pupils contemptuous of their own culture and heritage, and unwilling to celebrate it or regard its preservation as important.

The best way to wipe out a culture is to make its people hate their own culture and not want to be associated with it.

Order versus Chaos.

When after 1945 this country decided to hand control of public opinion and policy to an unelected liberal elite, personified by the BBC and the Guardian we were on a one-way road to the disappearance of Britain as a proud independent nation and its slow disintegration into a rudderless, shameful collection of hostile gangs with resources, where available, devoted to every group other than the indigenous population.

That group was systematically ridiculed as ‘Little Englanders’ and called racist if they dared to object in any way to the disappearance of their towns and cities into foreign enclaves where English was certainly not spoken. As Enoch Powell so powerfully expressed it all those years ago. ‘ Like the ancient Roman, I see the Tiber foaming with much blood’

This obvious truth that white working class children have been completely sold down the river by a our absolutely vile politicians, senior civil servants and the teachers’ unions makes the country mad with rage.

Deliberate Government funded racism against our own cash & resource-starved children. What other Government has ever discriminated so blatantly against its own people. The disgusting politicians who are traitors to our nation.

As the Trojan Horse enquiry revealed – in some schools white kids are put into a corner and left to fend for themselves. Of course, when they venture out of the corner they will be berated with “racism” and slavery.

Young white boys are invisible when the TV channels visit a school, unless the item is about bullying or failure. They are then well represented. It’s been like this since Tony Blair felt the “weight of history on his shoulder” and set out to eliminate the British working class. It’s a Labour obsession that began when Roy Jenkins and Roy Hattersley realised they were more comfortable in a gentleman’s club than a working mans club.

White youth are being completely alienated by the multicultural agenda in schools.

Poor White Pupils Put off School due to Multicultural Timetable

Confirmation if it were needed that the English are indeed second class citizens in their own country.

In little more than a generation we will be a minority – pushed to the margins and overwhelmed.

Thus thousands of years of our history and democracy superseded, written out and ending in a gutless whimper not even a bang.

We are helpless and leaderless human sheep being herded into an abattoir.