Womyn Throw Protest on International Womyn’s Day

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 8, 2018

Instead of just enjoying an entire day dedicated to making them feel special, these delusional hos decided to chimp out yet again.


Hundreds of trains in Spain have been cancelled due to an International Women’s Day strike. Women across the country are also abandoning their unpaid work, such as cleaning and child care, as part of the large scale protest.

What Western woman takes care of children or cooks and cleans anymore?

It is the first time there has been a nationwide “feminist strike” in Spain and organizers say it aims to highlight sexual discrimination and domestic violence. The rail network and Madrid’s underground is disrupted as 10 unions participate in 24 hour work stoppages. The country’s two largest unions, Workers’ Commissions and the General Union of Workers, are calling for only a two hour stoppage.

I’m not even against having an International Woman’s Day. I think it’s a nice idea to remind women that we think they smell nice and that we like their long swishing hair and sex with them is fun, I guess.

If we’re going to have International Woman’s Day though, there should also be an “International Burn a Witch Day” and “International Shame a THOT Day.”

It’s only fair that we reward AND punish.

Women have been really fucking up in the West and because of that, I actually think we should start calling them womyn now, because I don’t want to be reminded that these skanks came from my great-great-ur-daddy’s left rib.

If you don’t know, Women’s Day is a Communist holiday cooked up in America that made it over to the Soviet Union, where it was the only place it actually stuck.

But the slavs just made it into a nice holiday where you give women flowers and say some nice things about them over drinks. Women and men look forward to the holiday in Eastern Europe because frankly, it’s quite nice.

Putin uses the occasion to honor mothers of large families. And this year, some Russians started passing out flowers in America.

The reactions of the American women were priceless. And so is the anchor’s commentary in this video. “Women are not used to getting flowers on Women’s day, but view it as a day for protesting.”

Just saying. Very sad. Not to beat a dead horse, but something’s fucked up about Western women.

Anyways, here are some of the benefits that brave, stronk and empowered wimmins have brought to our societies:

  • college false rape allegations
  • mass migration from shithole countries
  • divorce rape
  • school shooters
  • fines for not wearing bicycle helmets
  • consumerism
  • wages cut in half
  • herpes
  • fat acceptance
  • speech codes

So thanks, ladies?

No, but seriously, I can’t even talk to Western women anymore. So I’m not going to be wishing them a Happy Women’s Day. Because they’ve squandered any goodwill I could have felt towards them.

Here’s to replacing this squandered holiday with White Sharia day in the West very, very soon.