Women=Canceled: Democrat Party Adopts Language to Totally Dehumanize Bodies with Vaginas

Bodies with vaginas are suffering setback after setback as the liberal order continues to recognize a simple and obvious fact: so-called “women” are not people.


The Democratic Party has been accused of trying to “erase women” after it emerged that its $3.5 trillion infrastructure spending bill uses the terms “birthing,” “lactating” and “pregnant” persons alongside “women” and “mother.”

In all, the spending package – one part of the Biden administration’s ‘Build Back Better’ program – uses the word “mother” three times and the word “maternal” 50 times. Meanwhile, the word “women” appears on 20 occasions in a number of contexts, including domestic violence, business ownership, health insurance and maternity-related concerns.

However, it also mentions the phrase “pregnant, lactating, and postpartum individuals” in 11 instances when focusing on maternal health conditions and concerns – with the individual descriptor terms making more appearances throughout the 2,465-page document.

In addition, there also appears to be inconsistent usage of gender-specific and non-gendered language. For instance, the phrase is used as a whole some four times in Section 31045 of the bill, which deals with “funding for maternal mental health equity grant programs.”

The Democrats’ use of ‘inclusive language’ marks a departure from the party’s recent Women’s Health Protection Act, which was passed by the House of Representatives last week. The legislation does not include gender-neutral references, and instead uses the terms “woman” and “women” once and 15 times respectively when discussing reproductive issues, pregnancy and abortion.

But it does note that the terms ‘woman’ and ‘women’ were used to “reflect the identity of the majority of people targeted and affected by restrictions on abortion services.” Besides stating that access to abortion services was “critical to the health of every person capable of becoming pregnant,” the act was “intended to protect all people with the capacity for pregnancy – cisgender women, transgender men, non-binary individuals, those who identify with a different gender, and others.”

A similar situation played out in June with the Biden administration’s budget proposal for 2022 drawing controversy over the use of the phrase “birthing people” instead of mothers in a portion that deals with maternal mortality rates.

The section begins by using the gender-specific terms “maternal” and “women of color” to note that the US has the “highest maternal mortality rate among developed nations” but then switches to the term “birthing people” when allocating over $200 million to tackle the issue. As well, that funding includes investments to “implement implicit bias training for healthcare providers.”

“Conservative women” and cucks are attacking the Democrats over their appropriate language for individuals with holes.

I doubt that “James Harman” is capable of getting an erection, let alone impregnating a birthing individual. If a body with a vagina ever tried to have sex with “James Harman,” he would probably start crying, calling her “mommy” and asking for a blankey.

What a triggered snowflake cuck.

Of course, a “male” is called a “man” or a “human being.” No one need to be confused about that, but of course, conservatives always find a way to be confused about obvious issues.

I don’t agree with liberals on much, but I am exceedingly pleased that they are finally recognizing the well-established and fundamental truth that “women” are not human beings.

I am in 100% support of further manipulation of the language to remove the false notion that there is anything resembling mankind present in the body of a body with a vagina.

The sickening claim that birthing persons are human has been more destructive than any other lie the world has ever known.

I am willing to support the Democrat Party in any way I can to proceed in their valiant and noble efforts to completely dehumanize these creatures. The true purpose of the Democrat Party will not be fully completed until any notion of “female humanity” is utterly abolished, and sentenced to the trash bin of history.

My DMs are open for any Democrat politician who is interested in my thoughts on how we can further undermine and ultimately completely eliminate the absurd, offensive, and sickening notion of “female humanity.”

I am personally interested in integrating the term “fleshy, malignant bipedal creature with a stinking cunt hole” into the infrastructure bill.