Women with Tattoos are Sluts, Study Finds

Pictured: slut.

SCIENCE is now providing data to support what virtually all men know by now: that women with tattoos are significantly more eager to undress themselves and perform sexual acts than women with no tattoos.

From the abstract of a recent study:

Research indicates that women with tattoos are evaluated more negatively than women without tattoos on numerous qualities. Further, men perceive better chances for sexual success with tattooed women than those without visible tattoos. Despite these findings, less is known about whether women with visible tattoos are more open to casual sexual encounters than their non-tattooed counterparts, and if so, what variables may predict such openness. The purpose of the present study was to explore whether, and to what extent, stereotyped perceptions of tattooed women as sexually open are accurate, and to explore the possible role of egalitarianism in sexual openness. Measures of personality and sensation-seeking were also examined. A sample of 814 women, both tattooed and non-tattooed, were recruited through a Western Canadian university research pool and various social media outlets to complete an online questionnaire assessing these attributes. Women with tattoos reported greater willingness to engage in uncommitted sexual relations, as well as higher endorsement of egalitarianism and sensation-seeking, relative to non-tattooed women. Among tattooed women alone, several personality and tattooing variables predicted sexual openness. Findings suggesting body tattooing as an indicator of sexual openness are critically discussed in relation to contemporary stereotypes surrounding femininity and sexuality.

This is one of those uncomfortable SCIENCE things.

Another uncomfortable SCIENCE thing.

But make no mistake.

The absence of tattoos doesn’t really mean much. Women are all filthy sluts, so the fact that some are filthier than others isn’t really saying much.

Perfect alabaster skin is no sign of chastity.

You have to assume that all women you interact with have had significantly more “sexual partners” than you and that they’ve engaged in degenerate acts that are worse than the worst you can imagine.

They are all whores.

Under no circumstance you should think that one is somehow special, uncorrupted, or virtuous.

The cultural environment determines the quality of women, and our cultural environment is disgusting and degenerate.

Even if you find a virgin, you have to understand that the environment is encouraging her to destroy you and to destroy herself.

When was the last time that you saw a woman resisting outside pressure without breaking?

Around women, never relax.