Women Who Go Nuts Over Abortion Have Already had One They Need to Justify

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 8, 2019

Many people do not understand just how fertile teenage girls are. Above all, teenage girls do not understand this. Teenage boys don’t understand it either, but it was never their job to.

Furthermore, teenagers become incredibly horny, as this is the age when the body is signaling that it is time to breed. Even though the sex drive of women is relatively low compared to men, all things being equal, in these years her urges become also very strong.

And we have no system whereby women can force a man that wants to stick the thing in the thing to marry her first (or at least make a credible promise of marriage at a later date if the thing goes in the thing). Far from that, we have a system that tells kids that it is fine to have sex with no intention of marriage.

Needless to say – I certainly hope I don’t need to say this – condoms are like, the total worst thing ever. No one actually uses these things, except with prostitutes. And even then. Most people do not. Condoms are more of an idea than a reality. Their use is theoretical.

Finally, as much as single motherhood is celebrated as a saintly endeavor, it is in fact advertised that having a child at a young age “limits” a woman. And obviously it does limit their ability to whore around to the degree they would like during the college experience, and limit their ability to get a job and do nothing except thwart the men working around them.

All of this is to say: a whole lot of teenage girls in the West get pregnant during high school and have abortions.

We have no data on this, because the data is secret, because “muh protection of minors” – because a bitch who is able to get pregnant then kill the child is still incapable of being subjected to statistical calculation.

They are ashamed of it, because of course they’re ashamed of it – killing your own child is a shameful act, and everyone is aware of that instinctively, regardless of political talking points. So we don’t have any self-reported data either. They won’t even ask each other about this. The data they do give out when you Google it and look at studies is just fake, if you look at their methodology – it’s based on the reported cases, even though there is no requirement to report the cases. They have no real data.

The Planned Parenthood website tells teenage girls in states that require parental consent that they will help them bypass those laws and will call a judge if they have to.

But if we had to guess, I would not be the least bit surprised if 50% of girls have abortions in high school. When I was in high school, I knew that many girls had had them, and many others were rumored to have had them.

Women are Incapable of Believing They Ever Did Anything Wrong

One of the problems with treating women as if they are people is that one of the main things that men think of when they think of humanity is an ability to admit you were wrong and take responsibility for your actions. Women, quite simply, possess no such ability. The reason that men have it in their mind that they have such an ability is that it is portrayed in movies that they have such an ability.


Probably, you personally assume that a woman is able to accept responsibility for her actions. But then, if you go through and try and think of a single instance in your own life where you have witnessed a woman accept responsibility for her actions, you will find that it never happened. A woman will always blame someone else for her own behavior. Because women are solipsists by their most basic nature, and literally incapable of grasping the idea that they did something wrong.

In a woman’s head, she is eternally the victim. Her entire life is not her doing things, but things happening to her.

And it’s not entirely inaccurate. Women also appear to lack human agency, meaning they don’t make human decisions, meaning that they are something that is acted upon, rather than something which acts. They are literally objects.

Given this harsh reality of the female psyche, any woman who has had an abortion must devote her entire life to justifying abortion. Because otherwise, she would be admitting she made a mistake.

Even the women who Christians roll out and say they “regret” their abortions will claim that it was someone else’s fault that they did it. Someone forced them or pressured them, and they were helpless but to go along with it.

They blame it primarily on the man first, then on family members and society itself. Just type “abortion regret” into YouTube and listen to a few of the videos, and their story will inevitably involve some mechanism through which responsibility for the decision was taken out of their hands.

But the regretters are a very small portion of aborters. And they tend to be very kooky, crazy-eyed Jesus-people.

Most aborters take the path of supporting abortion aggressively, and are unwilling to even consider the idea that it is wrong, because that would require them to look at their own behavior critically.

You can see all kinds of collective female behavior taking this path of moving directly into a type of mass insanity, based on a need to reinforce their own complex system of brutal justifications. All of this “you can’t judge me” stuff. Because that is what a woman fears most, and possibly the only thing she fears: being judged.

Just go look at their memes on Facebook or wherever.