Women Who Freeze Their Eggs Only Have 18% Chance of Conceiving Despite Expensive Treatment

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 11, 2020

Trying to force unequal beings to act the same way is having devastating effects on our world.

We pretend that blacks are the same as whites, yet we have whites bearing the burden of keeping that illusion alive.

We also pretend that women are the same as men, yet we live in a system that depends on forcefully extracting resources from men to keep that illusion alive.


Blacks would rather be blacks and chill with their tribe.

They are happier that way.

Similarly, women would rather be women and fulfill their maternal duties.

But by the time they figure that out, it’s already too late for them.

Daily Mail:

Women wanting to delay motherhood are being warned freezing their eggs does not guarantee they will have a baby later in life.

Scientists discovered women have less than a one in five chance of conceiving after having the common £8,000 procedure.

The Newcastle Fertility Centre, behind the study, analysed all IVF births going back 15 years using data from the UK’s fertility regulator.

IVF births in the mid-2000s skew the success rate (18 per cent) because techniques have vastly improved since then.

But experts say the finding should serve as a warning to women that the procedure could take five attempts before working.

To increase their chances, women are being urged to have their eggs frozen in their early twenties.

The vast majority who go through the procedure do so in their late 30s – by which time they have very little chance of success.

Women get drunk with corruption disguised as power — the so-called empowerment — and waste the most important decades of their lives getting drunk and infected with random STIs in-between the time they spend doing busywork in some office.

Embracing the “their body, their choice” attitude towards motherhood means granting women as a group the right to decide whether their people should go extinct or not and the power to single-handedly extinguish their kin.

Women’s “thoughts” are modeled by social consensus, and considering that our enemies are in control of the media — which is the biggest apparatus influencing social consensus — it becomes clear that giving women the right to choose means adding additional players to the enemy team.

Giving women the right to vote and participate in Democracy is like having players in your team scoring goals for the opponent.

Specialists fear fertility clinics encourage women to delay motherhood for too long, by offering them the safety net of egg freezing.

Figures show two-thirds of women who freeze their eggs in Britain do not do so until they are over the age of 35.

Rita Ora is one woman who has bucked the trend. The pop singer, 27, had her eggs frozen following a recommendation from her GP.

‘I have always wanted a big family and my doctor asked me “I think you should freeze your eggs” when I was in my early 20s,’ said Miss Ora, who was born in Kosovo before moving to London when she was one.

He said you are healthiest now, why not put them away and then you never have to worry about it again.’

If women have to join the workforce and work…

Why do they have to join the workforce during their fertile years and then have children instead of having children during their fertile years and then joining the workforce once their kids are old enough?

Mothers are not supposed to be the same age as someone else’s grandmother.

Experts are worried young women do ‘not feel the threat of infertility’ – partly because they are given the false hope of freezing their eggs later.

But by the time they get round to it, fertility treatment is a ‘last-ditch’ effort with diminishing chances of success.

Egg freezing is booming in Britain, with 1,173 women opting to store their eggs in 2016 – nearly double the figure from 2014.

Fertility doctors report that many women put off having a family to pursue their career.

They then realise in their late 30s that they have no partner, and will soon become too old to conceive naturally, so freeze their eggs to preserve their fertility.

But despite the popularity of the technology, the chance of success is low – with 85 per cent of eggs not even surviving the freezing process.

And it gets worse with age, with 8.2 per cent of frozen eggs resulting in a baby for under-35s, and just 3.3 per cent for older women.

Women in this age bracket need 30 frozen eggs on average to become pregnant.

Having women think they can just freeze their eggs and get away with decades of a meaningless and hedonistic existence makes for a pretty lucrative business.

These procedures are ridiculously expensive and women going through them are so desperate that they’ll spend whatever they’re able to afford hoping to finally become mothers.

“Lose youth trying to accumulate wealth, lose wealth trying to become a mother. Nothing remains.”

Like doctors profiting from performing “sex reassignment” surgeries on the mentally ill, fertility doctors encouraging egg-freezing as a path towards motherhood are preying on desperate people for monetary gain.