Women Sue Frontier Airlines for Not Allowing Them to Pump Breast Milk While Working

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
December 12, 2019

It is the vagina-given right of women to take random breaks at work to pump breast milk, and it is your duty as a man to hire them.

Daily Mail:

Eight female pilots and flight attendants are suing Frontier Airlines claiming the company discriminated against them during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

The women said the Denver-based airline forced them onto unpaid leave during their pregnancies and did not make it possible for them to pump breast milk while working.

The lawsuits said they ‘found themselves faced with mounting obstacles once they became pregnant that forced them to make impossible choices between their families and their livelihood,’ The Denver Post reported.

Women’t can’t be good mothers and good workers at the same time. In fact, the overwhelming majority of women cannot do either of those things well on their own. Expecting them to do both at once is like expecting a retarded person to pat his head and rub his belly at the same time.

Mothers are meant to look after their babies and their toddlers full time, and employees in the workplace are supposed to be working their jobs.

Among the women are pilots Randi Freyer and Brandy Beck and flight attendant Melissa Hodgkins.

Freyer told the New York Times she had been saving up as an expectant mother but was grounded by Frontier two months before her due date, despite her doctor saying she was fit to fly.

She also alleges that when she returned to work the airline made it difficult for her to breastfeed and after her second baby they prohibited her from feeding on the job so that she could only do so before takeoff and after landing.

Hodgkins gave up breastfeeding entirely because she could not afford more unpaid leave, according to the New York Times, especially because she said had already lost income in the final months of her pregnancy.

A lawsuit filed on behalf of the women by the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Colorado and the Women’s Rights Project of the ACLU Foundation said: ‘Frontier´s failure to account for Plaintiff´s needs related to pregnancy and breastfeeding caused them to suffer serious penalties, both at and outside of work, simply because they had children.’

One pilot said she was disciplined for seeking accommodations to pump breast milk and was not allowed to pump while in uniform, according to the lawsuit.

Two other pilots claimed their accommodation requests went unanswered, and they were forced to pump in the airplane lavatory between flights.

The pilots are seeking a policy change, and the flight attendants are asking for damages.

This is another reason why women should have never joined the workforce.

Pretending women are interchangeable with men inevitably leads to this kind of incident where the biological differences between both sexes are impossible to hide.

Why should anyone hire women if women are this problematic? They leave menstrual hygiene products in the bathroom, they get pregnant, they randomly pull out their tits and start pumping breast milk right there in the workplace.

Objectively speaking, women are inferior workers in every possible aspect.

They were made for one thing and one thing only.

Everything in their bodies and everything that they are is oriented towards that one thing.

Allowing women to join the workforce is both a method of restricting breeding and a form of child abuse. Women are supposed to become mothers and mothers are supposed to give their full attention to their children.

Working jobs makes it harder for them to become mothers and makes it harder for mothers to be proper mothers.

No one should ever hire women.