Women Running “$5 Dollar” Tinder Scam, Judenpresse Praises Them as Heroes

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer

April 4, 2017

There’s a false notion in America that a slut is just someone who sleeps around.

But that conceptualization is antiquated, especially in the modern era. Today’s sluts have ditched hustling on the corner and bar-flying to promise weak willed or ignorant men romantic opportunities in return for money and attention. And whereas traditional sluts had to put out, these girls are no longer expected to deliver on their end of the bargain. The introduction of the smart phone and social media has birthed a new generation of divas, outfitted with Instagrams, Snapchat dog ears and thousands of men validating them like they’re the last Gatorade in the Sahara desert.

The result is a sexually sterile society. In the age of in-your-face sex everywhere you look (except your bed), women are putting out less than ever.

They’re beneath prostitutes. The Judeo-feminist movement has hit its apex with ‘Sleaze’ – sluts who tease, for cash. Men who go waste their time on apps like Tinder exacerbate the problem. Any woman you can get on Tinder, you can get 100 times better by making moves on them in the real world, which is why you should only use it for laughs.

The problem is that modern men are scared that if they hit on women in the real world, there’s a strong chance they might reject you or get upset about it. Modern men have been raised to hinge their self-worth entirely on what some bitch thinks, and walk on eggshells for Her Majesty’s comfort.

Nevertheless, the whore who started this trend is getting uncritical promotion in female-oriented publications, like (((Steve Swartz’s))) Cosmo.


How This Genius Woman Is Making Money From Her Tinder Matches

It’s a constant battle to come up with a Tinder bio that’s actually good. But Maggie Archer, a 20-year-old woman from Missouri, seems to have figured it out.

Archer’s Tinder bio, which can be seen in her now-viral tweet, reads: “Send me $5, see what happens,” with the little smirking emoji for punctuation. But why would anyone actually send this woman — or any stranger on Tinder, for that matter — five whole dollars, you may be asking yourself. As Archer’s PayPal history can tell you, it turns out a lot of people (*cough* men *cough*) are more than willing to fork over coffee money just to assuage their curiosity.

This is honestly incredible, and Archer knows it. “It’s really a foolproof plan, because I’m not actually promising anything, I just say ‘see what happens,'” she told BuzzFeed News. And it’s — against all logic and reason — working! She even included a screenshot of her PayPal activity in the tweet to prove it. She told BuzzFeed she’s gotten money from at least 20 dudes in less than a week. Folks, you do that math. That’s more than $100, just for a one-sentence bio on Tinder.

Some guys have even gone above the call of duty and offered Archer more than $5. She said the most she’s gotten from anyone was $10, adding that “some men get creepy and assume if they offer a lot more, like hundreds, something will actually happen, which of course it doesn’t.”

It’s easy to get angry at the cuckboys sending this sleaze money, but you also have to understand the context of being a man in 21st century America. Most of the women around you are fat, and they’re even uglier on the inside. They have by and large eschewed all the beautiful aspects of the female yin (nurturing, loyal, submissive) to try and become second-rate men: loudly burping, posting pictures of themselves on the can, getting short lesbian haircuts. Women 18-35 don’t love anyone other than themselves and their shih-tzu. It’s not that they’re bad people, they’ve just been raised to be incapable of it.

The pickens are slim, and the above is just a sign of the desperation that accompanies that – like a thirsty man seeing a mirage.

I’ve never really followed the manosphere closely, but they get a bad rap from the system on par with us. I remember a few years back, Roosh’s attempt at a real world meet up for his followers was met with the same kind of official suppression our groups are hit with. The reason the manosphere is targeted is because Jews know where the path concludes: Nationalsocialism. Their vision allows them to snuff out a future platform of resistance while in its crib.

If the manosphere is able to purge its hyper-individualist libertarian streak – along with the hucksters and scammers rife within it – it can find synthesis, and power, in our alternative.

Young men lacking access to women, decent work, and dignity is a looming background feature in most revolutions. The social conditions are there for us to organize, all that is left is for us to snap men out of their false consciousness. Anyone who passes this up because someone might get offended is a fool.

The solution to women behaving poorly isn’t to get take their childish cruelty personally. It’s to take an iron fist to the mills of this decadence.

Slut-shaming, monogamy and a grassroots political antibacterial that gradually isolates the Jew. If you see a woman pulling this $5 dollar scam, say something hurtful to her.

Swallowing the Reich Pill is a lot harder than buying that man in a purple fuzzy fedora’s cure all for your woman-woes, but our solution is the only sound vehicle for a resurgent masculinity.

As for the detractors who believe the manosphere is anti-social, some of those criticisms are valid – they reject marriage, for example – on paper, but not in practice. The great majority of women are not going to be convinced to get married early, because women respond to top-down incentives and social stigma, not logical persuasion. Without controlling the state, any appeal to women as a group is as impotent as the men seeing what happens when they send a women $5 dollars over Tinder.

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