Women, Jews and Blacks Shut Down Free Speech Advocate on College Campus

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
April 21, 2018

A free speech advocate was shut down by screeching banshees and Jews on a college campus because the First Amendment is White supremacy.

What’s more, it was at a law school. These people are training to become lawyers and judges.

Of course, they were right that free speech is something that would help White supremacy. If free speech was allowed, we would naturally win out in that area since we’re right about pretty much everything (there is still some debate regarding our official stance on the shape of the Earth, which is obviously trapezoidal).

Ultimately this is a good thing, having guys go out and be really mild about what they’re saying and having the left go nuts over it. It just should not be us doing it.

The Alt-Lite and normiecons have a lot more ability to go out and be public since they will not be shut down as hard. Our guys immediately have a stigma attached to them just by associating with us.

Our best way to advance our agenda is the culture war online and with IRL shitposting (posters and stickers or whatever), not going into the public eye. By doing that we are influencing people – especially young people – to agree with or at least not care about our views. We are also pouring gasoline on the fire of Jewish paranoia and causing them to go into shut it down overdrive, which pisses off normal people even if they don’t know or care about Jews.

While the Jews shut everything down as quickly as they can, more and more people will be wanting to protest for free speech. More lawmakers will treat more organizations and platforms like they treated Zuckerberg recently. Legislation protecting free speech online and on college campuses will be passed.

When that happens, all we need to do is keep doing what we’re already doing, and since they won’t be able to shut us down we will grow at a rate faster than we have ever grown before.