Women Have No Interest in Doing Sex with Vegetarian Fagboys

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 26, 2018

This study is apparently trying to say like, women like seeing men eat meat. That it turns them on, because it is a traditionally masculine behavior.

But it goes beyond that.

Meat increases testosterone levels, while meat-free diets decrease testosterone levels. Women are attracted, fundamentally, to men with high testosterone levels, as this is a sign of virility.

Virility implies strength, sexual vigor and social dominance.

It is also linked with creativity.

You want virility.

American Psychological Association:

Past research has highlighted links between meat consumption and masculine gender role norms such that meat consumers are generally attributed more masculine traits than their vegetable-consuming counterparts. However, the direct link between gender roles and men’s food choices has been somewhat neglected in the literature. Three studies conducted in Italy investigated this link between meat and masculinity. Studies 1 and 2 analyzed female mating preference for vegetarian and omnivorous partners, confirming that women preferred omnivorous men (Study 1 and 2), rated them as more attractive (Study 1 and 2), and felt more positive about them (Study 1) than vegetarians. Moreover Study 2 showed that the attribution of masculinity mediated this relationship, such that vegetarian men were considered less attractive because they were perceived as less masculine. Study 3 tested the relationship between the endorsement of food-related gender norms and food choices in a sample of Italian men. The results showed that men who perceived vegetarianism as feminine preferred meat-based dishes for themselves and expected their female partners to choose vegetarian dishes. Together, these findings show that gender role norms prescribing that men eat meat are actively maintained by both women and men and do in fact guide men’s food choices. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2018 APA, all rights reserved)

It’s funny to me you’re even allowed to say this stuff in academia these days. You wouldn’t expect it.

But yes: women are attracted to masculinity.

And we can do chicken or the egg as far as whether meat makes men masculine or masculine men prefer meat, but the fact is that both are true.

I will add that you need to eat HEALTHY meat.

In particular, I’d advise you to avoid chicken altogether. “Free range” does not mean they are not fed poison, nor does it even necessarily ensure that they are not injected with growth hormone, which your own body will respond to by creating estrogen.

Maybe USDA certified organic chicken is okay. Who knows. We do know it is insanely expensive.

My advice is to stick to beef.

I gave a lot of advice about testosterone and food a few days ago. If you missed that, go check it, and realize that science agrees with me.