Women Have Always Been the Primary Victims of Coronavirus

Time and Science have proven Hillary Clinton right.

You maybe have noticed that all of these leftist narratives overlap with each other.

Most obviously, every “solution” to the alleged “coronavirus pandemic” had previously been offered as a solution to global warming. Now, the media is admitting that these two agendas directly overlap with each other.

Meanwhile, women are always the victims of everything and it’s all the fault of men.

Hillary Clinton famously claimed that women “have always been the primary victims of war.”

Now they’re the primary victims of coronavirus.

The Guardian:

The social and economic burden of Covid has fallen disproportionately on women around the world, the Red Cross has warned, in a stark analysis of the impact of the pandemic.

Women were particularly affected by loss of income and education, rises in domestic violence, child marriage and trafficking, and responsibility for caring for children and sick relatives, according to the comprehensive report published by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) on Monday.

In a crisis, it is always women who pay the highest price,” said Francesco Rocca, president of the IFRC. “It’s too long that we’ve been talking about this … it’s urgent.”

It was vital that the uneven socioeconomic impact of Covid was taken into account in recovery plans and could inform how the world tackles other crises including the climate emergency, said co-author Teresa Goncalves. “We can still recover better,” she said.

The survey examines how the pandemic collided with existing factors, including poverty, migration, conflict and extreme weather, bringing together detailed anecdotal reports from 38 Red Cross national societies with data from the World Bank and the UN.

Of the 38 countries that took part, 31 identified women as disproportionately affected. Urban poor and migrants and refugees were also identified as particularly at-risk groups.

Although globally absolute job loss was higher for men due to their higher labour participation overall, relative job loss was higher for women. Along with young people and migrants, women are overrepresented in casual work and dominate sectors critically affected by the pandemic, such as retail, domestic work and tourism.

“Retail, domestic work and tourism.”

Women really have no idea what it actually means to produce something.

One has to wonder what kind of sense it makes to give them a say in any aspect of how the country is run.

Because women really have no stake at all in the way a country is run, they will always use politics as a way to signal status, which will always mean that the bulk of women will go along with whatever narrative the media is spewing.

Even “right-wing women” tend to push a leftist agenda in right-wing spaces.

Just as a recent example, it was a white woman who attacked Nick Fuentes for going to New York to protest the coronavirus hoax. It was then a black – or mulatto or Mexican or something – male who came out and said that the woman was wrong and the anti-vax movement should include anyone who is anti-vax.

The colored person was probably racist against whites, just as America First might be slightly “racist” against colored people, but as men, they decided they were on the same page on this issue and should work together. That is what men will do – solve problems by working together.

Women create problems and then refuse to work together.

Women do not deserve representation.