Women Grow and Dye Their Armpit Hair in “Unicorn Armpits” Beauty Trend

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 24, 2019

I wasn’t joking when I wrote that people today are wasting their energy on degenerate stuff such as female body hair styling.

This really is a thing.

Daily Mail:

Unicorn armpit hair has become the latest — and perhaps most bizarre — beauty trend to creep into people’s social media feeds in 2019.

The growing trend, which has gained popularity over the past few years, has inspired women, and even some men, to dye their armpit hair the colors of the rainbow before proudly showing off their whimsical pits on Instagram using the hashtags #unicornarmpithair and #unicornpits.

The look had a renaissance this month after getting a boost in ‘Januhairy,’ a social media movement that encourages women to grow out their body hair during the first month of the new year.

Some “men.”

People took to Instagram throughout the month of January to share photos of themselves flaunting their brightly colored armpits.

One woman opted to pose in a black leotard, which served as a sharp juxtaposition to her rainbow-colored body hair that was dyed pink, yellow, green, and blue.

Another showed off her underarms in front of Cute Nail Studio, a rainbow-painted salon in Austin, Texas. The salon offers a wide range of unique services, including armpit dying.

The owners of Cute Nail Studio told KVUE that they wanted to create a salon that is LGBTQIA friendly and allows customers to embrace whatever look suits them.

‘We are a feminist forward intersectional nail salon with a focus on art. We started Cute because it felt right,’ they said.

Those who don’t live in Austin can also try dye their armpit hair themselves, which a popular YouTuber known as The Official Rainbow Girl proved back in 2016.

The enthusiastic young woman was one of the originators of unicorn armpit hair, according to People.

The Official Rainbow Girl

Women continue to prove that we really were missing on some great stuff back when we oppressed them. Now that they’ve been liberated both sexually and intellectually, they’re showing us how wrong we were by restraining their sublime Menstrual Wisdom instincts.

Before the sexual revolution:

After the sexual revolution:

See? It’s better now.

They’re expressing themselves.

Actually, no. They’re not expressing themselves. Women are just vessels to be imbued with a drive and a will by beings that possess drive and will. This is part of the reason why they’re known to adopt personality traits and interests of the men they’re with. Women are really there for you to fill them with stuff.

You have to put ideas in them for them to function and you have to put your penis in them for them to grow babies and be useful.

The problem here is that Jews have built a complex system encompassing laws and culture that prevents our men from keeping our women in line. They have a really powerful social engineering thing going on where they’ve inverted the roles and ideas that men and women are supposed to have. Whores are called brave, empowered and independent, despite women literally being biologically incapable of independence. Words have been turned upside down, and our women have been weaponized against us.

We can make women be whatever we want them to be and we can make them act however we want them to act. We can turn them into perverts and degenerates, which is what the Jews are doing, or we can turn them into feminine wives for our men, which is what our ancestors did.

Women go wherever we force them to go.

But today we’re not forcing women to do anything.

We’re not controlling our women.

The Jews are.

If we want to have feminine, fit portable wombs following us around and cheering for us while they take care of our kids, we have to stop the Jews from programming our women and start programming our women ourselves.

You can have this. We just have to win first.