Women Going Topless in Public is Now Legalized in Six States

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
September 21, 2019

Finally! The nipple has been freed!

Thank you, Progress. Now we don’t even need the internet in order to be exposed to pornographic imagery.

Daily Mail:

Going topless has been effectively legalized in six states after a town decided it was not worth anymore money to fight an appeal.

Fort Collins in Colorado had already spent $300,000 defending the law and trying to stop women from taking their tops off in public.

They had been appealing a decision, which was upheld by the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in February, that the law amounted to unconstitutional discrimination.

As the Appeals court covers Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, women in these states can now effectively bare all without breaking the law, reports NBC News.

Wait, did I say “pornographic imagery” before?

I meant grotesque nightmare-inducing horrors.

Do you want to see the nipples of overweight, deformed women? Because that’s what you’re going to see, mostly.

The decision is a win for the Free The Nipple campaign which wants wants equality for women.

Previously a federal court judge had concluded the ban was based on ‘negative stereotypes depicting women’s breasts, but not men’s breasts, as sex objects‘.

Not so long ago you could argue that it’s not the same when men do it because they don’t have breasts, but nowadays most men do have breasts.

Despite this fact, women are not attracted to the breasts of these modern men. That, combined with the facts that men do like women’s breasts and that women can now legally show the full tit in public in some places, gives women power.

The Appeals court dismissed Fort Collins’ worry that ending the ban on going topless would mean women would ‘parade in front of elementary schools or swimming topless in the public pool.’ 

They said there had been no ‘harmful fallout’ in Boulder and Denver, where women are allowed to take their tops off.

No harmful fallout… yet.


Are women legally allowed to parade topless in front of elementary schools or not though? Because that should be what matters.

The ‘prohibition on public exposure of breasts by women and girls over 10 years old’ will be gone from the city code of Fort Collins as of this week.

Campaigners Brit Hoagland and Samantha Six sued Fort Collins for the right to decide if they wanted to go topless, reports Kgun9.

Ms Hoagland said: ‘Addressing small parts of inequality can make a big difference in how people are treated, and I thought free the nipple was just one small step closer to how it should be.’

“How it should be” according to who?

Why is equality good? Why is it a goal? I’ve been told that diversity is a strength, so I’m pretty skeptical about this equality thing.

If we’re going to make everyone equal, they better figure out a way for men to give birth and for women to grow penises so they can pee while standing without making a mess.

Attorney Andy McNulty said: ‘The idea that women’s bodies are purely sexual is something that, it was perpetuated by this law.

By getting rid of this law, we are saying women and their bodies are more than just a sexual object. They’re human beings just like men.’

But they are not “human beings just like men.” The only reason women exist as women and not as men is to use the baby-factory organs they’re equipped with. If they weren’t meant to get pregnant, they wouldn’t come with wombs and stuff.

That makes them literally sexual objects because sex is about reproduction.