Women Go Insane After Snoop Dogg Calls Gayle King a “Funky Dog Head Bitch” for Disrespecting Kobe Bryant

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
February 10, 2020

Women are freaking out after Snoop Dogg put the funky dog head bitch Gayle King in check.

There’s been a huge blowup on social media after rapper Snoop Dogg called out the CBS Negress reporter Gayle King for disrespecting Kobe Bryant’s legacy on television.  He accused her of being a race traitor and called her a “funky dog head bitch.” He also questioned why she would spend time attacking a deceased black man like Kobe while ignoring the ongoing situation with the Jew Harvey Weinstein.

Snoop’s attacks towards King came from her bringing up the decades-old rape allegation against Kobe during an interview with former WNBA player Lisa Leslie. It appeared as if she was trying to get Leslie to say negative things about Kobe by bringing up the topic.

The thing is, Kobe was never convicted of rape and the rape allegations against him appeared to be a hoax.

So Snoop has a point. Why was King going out of her way to smear someone who is dead? It’d be one thing if she brought up the allegations when he was still alive, or even for historical context, but she was obviously trying to tarnish Kobe’s reputation. It is especially bizarre that she would do this when the rape allegations were never proven.

What’s interesting about this whole fiasco is how women and in particular black women have been closing ranks behind King and attacking Snoop. Even the lying criminal Negress Susan Rice, a former member of the Obama administration, felt compelled to chime in.

Oprah Winfrey was on television crying about how tough the situation has been on King.

And then you have other non-black women attacking Snoop on social media. Susan Zirinsky, the Jewish woman who runs CBS News, was even defending her citing her supposed “journalist integrity.”

Basically they are all saying that Snoop is the most evil person ever because he called out King for smearing the dead. It’s comical that they are trying to portray her as a victim even though she brought all this on herself. Did she not think that she would get some sort of backlash for going out of her way to tarnish the legacy of a popular basketball player who just died in a helicopter crash?

Real niggaz like @TheRealOJ32, @50cent and @thegame have all taken Snoop’s side.

What you have here is a situation where a black female was called out for her bullshit by a black man. Black females and some non-black females have viewed what happened as a threat and are using lies, tears and other deceptive female tactics to defend King and falsely claim that she’s the victim. And since black men are lower than black women on the social justice hierarchy, the Jewish system is getting behind King.

This shows that feminism isn’t just a problem that impacts a single race. It is a problem that impacts all races and blacks are no exception. The fact that King as a black woman would deliberately attack a dead member of her own race for her own selfish gain is a testament to this. Women have no loyalties to anybody or anything except to themselves.