Women are the Jews of Genders

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
November 10, 2019

A face to kill for – apparently.

Women are the Jews of genders. There, I said it.

When men need to do someone in, the’ll do it themselves – or hire someone competent for the job.

But women, like Jews, prefer to manipulate someone emotionally until they’ll do it for them. And then, of course, manipulate someone else to kill that first killer as well.

The Guardian:

A woman with Melbourne gangland links who convinced her lover to kill her fiance before having him killed too won’t get out of jail until she’s at least 71.

Robyn Lindholm will be eligible for parole in 25 years after being sentenced for the murder of her live-in partner George Templeton in 2005.

The 46-year-old woman is already serving decades behind bars for killing her “besotted” lover Wayne Amey, who she had recruited to kill Templeton.

Lindholm told Templeton’s family he went missing, before she cut off contact and moved into a penthouse with Amey.

“You were enjoying the high life at the expense of your former de facto’s life,” Justice Christopher Beale said in his sentencing remarks on Thursday.

Templeton was likely drunk and vulnerable when he was assaulted and abducted from the Reservoir home he shared with Lindholm, Beale said.

She concocted an alibi to be out of the house while Amey did her bidding.

Right. So she cucked her boyfriend/husband with another man and lived the high life with him, and then asked her new, richer boyfriend to murder the old one.

Presumably, she used her stripper bod to entice the new boyfriend.

Yes, she used to be a stripper.

Basically, women use their bodies like Jews use their Jew gold – as a manipulation tool to get what they want.

Eight years after she got Amey to kill Templeton, Lindholm arranged for him to be killed when their relationship soured.

What a shocker.

No one could have predicted that the adulterous stripper who asked you to kill her boyfriend to live a life of luxury and excitement would then turn around and have you killed in the same way when she got bored of you. Wew.

Lindholm had been addicted to ice and living out of the car when she met Torsten Trabert who was motivated by an “obsessive lust” when he killed for her.

He ambushed Amey at a car park, bashed him with a baseball bat and threw him into a car boot before he was stabbed, strangled and dumped at a remote location.

Lindholm, reportedly the ex-girlfriend of slain gangland identity Alphonse Gangitano, is already serving a 25-year-sentence for arranging the murder of Amey, which she pleaded guilty to.

Beale jailed her for 28 years for the murder of Templeton, and her new non-parole period is 30 years.

Frankly, the most shocking thing about all this is just how fat this bitch has become while in jail.

Where is your pride as an ex-stripper, woman?

Are they feeding prisoners foie gras and Twinkies 24/7 in British jails?

What the hell, Britbongs?

If you can’t even get these sluts to lose weight after locking them in a cage, we’ve really got a problem here.


My point was, women are the Jews of genders. Remember that. It could save your life some day.