Women are Masters of Deception

The above pictures were taken moments apart from each other. American men need to stop thinking about women and start thinking about the killing mob that’s coming.

Daily Mail:

When it comes to the perfect selfie, we know that influencers often use clever angles, great lighting and crafty editing tricks to get that perfect Instagram shot.

Now one Insta-famous blogger has revealed just how much of a difference flattering lighting can make, instantly smoothing out lumps and bumps without the use of Photoshop or filters.

Danae Mercer, a journalist and influencer who lives in Dubai shared side by side images to her Instagram showing off her bikini body while squatting down on the floor.

In the first image, Danae ‘deliberately angled’ her body so her bum was in the shadows while the flattering soft lighting hid her ‘cellulite and smoothed most of her stretchmarks’.

But in the second, Danae was ‘casually squatting (lol) beside the mirror’ and explained, ‘My hips and thighs are in the sunlight. Lumps and bumps are on show.’

Danae, who boasts more than 750 thousand followers, explained in the lengthy caption that it was mostly flattering lighting hiding her cellulite and stretch marks.

She wrote: ‘Insta vs reality — or LET’S talk LIGHTING. Because that’s the main difference in these photos.

It’s obviously not lighting. She’s stretching her skin using different positions.

See, this is the thing with women: they literally cannot stop themselves from deceiving you — even when they’re explaining how they’re deceiving you! As a rule of thumb, you need to disregard everything that women say, because you just cannot trust any of it. Even if it seems good, it is some kind of trick, with an angle.

The amount of male energy that is wasted thinking about these beings and trying to come up with ways to gain their favor is infuriating. Men should be focusing on creating cool stuff and achieving goals, not on becoming the minions of these weak creatures.

Literally just a bunch of self-hating faggots and weak men trying to win the approval of wicked women.

Here’s the deal about women: they have a wet warm hole, and they make funny faces when someone they like inserts stuff in it. That’s it. There’s literally nothing more to them. Back in the day, they also grew your babies inside their bellies, but nowadays they’ll do anything to kill your child if you manage to remind them of their true purpose.

If you’ve ever wondered what makes white men and white civilization different from the rest of peoples and cultures of this planet, consider that white men have been historically more successful than the rest on managing to channel their vital energy on endeavors other than sex.

Now would be a good time to regain that ability.