Woman Suing Amtrak After Being Raped by a Negro Employee with a History of Attacking White Women

Tim Hort
Daily Stormer
December 3, 2017

Henry Pinner.

Why does this Black guy still have a job after a 17 year long crime spree against White women?

[Editor’s Note: Affirmative action.]

Great Falls Tribune:

A North Carolina woman is suing Amtrak after she was violently raped on the passenger train by an employee as it passed by Wolf Point in 2015, alleging the carrier had the responsibility to protect her from employees such as her assailant, who had a long and “egregious disciplinary record.”

The woman, 68 years old at the time, was taking a “bucket list” cross-country trip with her two sisters in 2015, and in April that year boarded the Empire Builder train in Washington, D.C. headed west. The woman had only been to five states before the trip, according to court documents filed earlier this month.

After passing through Chicago, the three sisters had planned to stop and spend several days in Glasgow to meet with the woman’s nephew and tour around eastern Montana.

But before arriving in Glasgow on April 19, an Amtrak employee entered the woman’s sleeping car, locked the door and violently raped her. According to court documents, the attack was so brutal that a sexual assault examiner in Washington State was able to document and photograph the bruising and bite marks on the woman’s body after she reported the rape several days later.

The train employee, 59-year-old Charles Henry Pinner, was a resident of Detroit and worked as a sleeper car attendant at the time, his third job on the railroad since being first hired.

But Michael George, the victim’s Great Falls attorney, alleges Amtrak had records of Pinner’s employee misconduct from 2000, specifically incidents of hostility against white women, when he told a female co-worker, “You’re the typical garden variety type, and that’s a typical Anglo-Saxon trait,” and on the same day told another, “I have no trouble strangling a white woman.”