Woman Sends Message to Teenage Girls Regarding Skipping a Career and Being a Mom

This is an interesting video from an Australian woman, speaking about her experience in life. She is 27-years-old, and describes how she was groomed from childhood to not be a mother, and to instead chase a meaningless career.

She is clearly angry about this and is attempting to send a message to young girls to do something different. To embrace womanhood and become mothers instead of sterile old maids.

The question of course: is any girl going to listen to a message like this?

The answer of course: no, of course not.

Women becoming career women is not primarily a result of the grooming they experience. Primarily, young women like the power they have in using their sexuality to control others. If they were to choose to become mothers as teenagers, they would no longer be able to use that sexual power.

In college, they are able to go crazy manipulating men with sex. They are also able to do that in the first years of their career, before they get too old for it to work anymore. They enjoy this. A lot. I’m sure the woman in this video enjoyed it as well, but as you can see from the video, she’s past the point where she’s really going to have a lot of power on that front.

Women’s sexual power is given to them by God to allow them to secure a husband of good quality who will spend his entire life providing for them. Using that power instead to manipulate and control many men is a form of magic trick. And it is something that they benefit from, immensely.

This woman can go out there and say she was tricked. Okay, that is partially true. They didn’t tell her that when she was 27, that the ride would be over and men would no longer be interested in her. And that is sad for her, I guess. But she made her decision. Every teenage girl has older men with money hitting on them. Some of them even go out with these men and have sex with them for the experience before moving on to the next sexual adventure.

These men make it clear to them that if they want to, they can get married, they can be house moms, they can be cared for in exchange for having children and being submissive. All women know that they have this choice and yet all women choose the path of a fifteen-year-long sex adventure over a lifetime of marriage and motherhood.

Yes, it would be better if it wasn’t encouraged by the school system. It would be a lot better. But you’ll forgive me if I sit here and fail to feel bad for this woman, knowing that she herself made the choice to have the sex adventure, and knowing the number of men who would have married her and spent their lives providing for her if she’d so wished.

Hopefully, this economic collapse situation will lead to more women choosing family, since there simply isn’t going to be any place for a bunch of useless women to crowd in workplaces collecting checks for doing nothing.

However, my feeling is that most of them are going to choose a life of drugs instead.

I guess we’ll see.