Woman Raped, Stabbed by Black and Left to Die

January 9, 2014

Kenneth Whiteside. The woman was so badly cut up that her neighbours couldn’t recognise her. She was stabbed in the chest, the back, and her jaw was hanging off to one side.

Roswell Police said a complete stranger broke into a woman’s home, raped and stabbed her, then left her to die. However, police said the alleged victim made it to a neighbor’s house and helped investigators track down the suspect.

The woman’s injuries were so bad, one neighbor said they didn’t even recognize her. Saturday night,  neighbors are praying she recovers.

“The shock of finding all of the other information just made me realize there are people out there willing to hurt another person for any reason that they want,” said Betty Gomez, who lives in the area.

Roswell Police said 18-year-old Kenneth Whiteside raped and stabbed the woman multiple times after breaking into her home on Pecan Street.

Police said Whiteside left the woman to die, but somehow she made it a neighbor’s home.

News 13 was told the woman was covered in blood and so badly injured, her neighbors didn’t recognize her.

“She was stabbed in her chest, her back, her jaw was to the side,” said Aitana Arias.

It’s a scary thought for Arias, who was asleep across the street when it happened. After learning more details of the alleged crime, including what time it happened, Arias is terrified of what could have been.

“It could have been us if that door wasn’t locked, because we heard him jiggling it,” said Arias, motioning to her front door.

Neighbors are thankful police caught the suspect. Now, the neighborhood is praying the woman pulls through.

“She’s a parent, she’s a sister, and for someone to do that to her, it’s not right. It’s not right,” said Gomez. “I started to pray that she will heal.”

Investigators said the neighbors called 911 and the woman was airlifted to a hospital in critical condition.   Police said a description of the suspect’s vehicle led them to Whiteside, who is charged with attempted murder, aggravated burglary and rape.