Woman Puts Son in Car Trunk and Drives to Coronavirus Testing Site

Where else are you supposed to put a child who is potentially infected with the deadly Omicron strain?

You can’t just wrap him in plastic – he’ll suffocate.

There is at least some air in the trunk.


Texas police are looking for a high school English teacher after she allegedly locked her Covid-19 positive child in a car trunk to limit exposure on the way to a testing facility.

An arrest warrant for felony child endangerment was issued for Sarah Beam, 42, on Friday after her 13-year-old son was discovered in the car trunk at Houston’s Pridgeon Stadium Covid-19 testing center this week.

Bevin Gordon, the Health Services Director for the local independent school district, reportedly contacted police after “she witnessed Beam unlatch the trunk and found the 13-year-old was face down inside.”

Court documents claim Beam defended the travel arrangement by arguing that the child was in the trunk to “prevent her from getting exposed to possible COVID.”

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