Woman Pays Doctors to Reconstruct Her Hymen So She Can Auction Off Her Fake Virginity

Ana Otani, 26

Thanks to the wonders of modern science, women can now regain their innocence and lose their virginity as many times as they want by traveling back in time to the moment th— no, actually, doctors are just stitching the place up and calling it a day.

The fact that women can sell their virginity speaks of the total subjugation of the modern man. Now, women can sell a fake virginity too.

Daily Mail:

A Brazilian sex expert claims to have had her hymen reconstructed so she could auction off her virginity.

Ana Otani, 26, runs an adult content subscription service as well as a YouTube channel called Segredos de Ana where she gives tips on sex.

Her friend Diego Aguiar, 34, made the controversial announcement to his 1.4 million Instagram followers on the weekend.

In the video, he said he wants everyone to have ‘the opportunity to have a Japanese virgin in their life’ while she sits in a bikini behind him.

He said: ‘Japa, my friend, had an operation to reconstruct her hymen. In other words, she is a virgin again.

‘She is the only experienced virgin in the world, and we will shortly be raffling this virginity.

‘It will be the first ever virginity raffle, and you can apply with a very, very small amount, because I want everyone to have the opportunity to have a Japanese virgin in their life.’

It is not clear whether Otani has undergone hymenoplasty surgery, a cosmetic procedure that temporarily restores the hymen.


Known more commonly as hymen repair, the operation involves constructing a layer of skin at the entrance to the vagina that can tear when a woman first has sexual intercourse.

It takes less than an hour and is performed under local anaesthetic.

That’s obviously not how virginity works. Men willing to pay for some random slut’s virginity suffer from a perversion of their basic instincts.

Before condoms and pills, virginity meant that a woman was (highly) likelier to be free from sexually-transmitted diseases and from wicked experiences. It also represented that she was available to be “taken” by a man and become his property. This has been the case for most of history and it is what we instinctively understand.

It is like that seal you find on many products nowadays, that ensures that what you paid for hasn’t been tampered with.


What this slut did, by having her hymen reconstructed so she could auction off her “virginity,” is the equivalent of someone gluing the safety seal back on a bottle of pills and trying to sell it.

“Just a bit of glue and it will be as good as new.”

What virginity used to represent is long gone.

Women used to behave different when men forced them to behave different, but with the modern Women’s Rights crap, men are no longer forcing them to do anything.

They’re now “liberated,” and we’re witnessing their true form.