Woman Not Guilty of Killing Married Couple in Car Crash Because She’s Unhinged

Sheri Anne Vazquez in July 31, 2019.

Insanity pleas were the beginning of the end for the justice system.

Anyone who commits any crime is not in their right mind, or they wouldn’t be committing a crime. Justice is supposed to be blind, not a therapist.

Why can all drunk drivers not claim they were depressed so they got drunk, and therefore their depression is the cause of the crash?


A Massachusetts woman who caused a car crash that killed a married couple in their 70s has been found not guilty by a judge who determined she lacked criminal responsibility because of her mental state.

Sheri Anne Vazquez, 35, was found not guilty Tuesday after a two-day trial in Fall River Superior Court, The Enterprise of Brockton reported.

Vazquez faced multiple charges including two counts of manslaughter in connection with the crash in Easton in May 2019 in which Virginia Masefield, 77, and John Masefield, 79, of East Bridgewater, died.

Her attorney, Jason Maloney, did not dispute that his client caused the crash, but told the judge she was “suffering from a form of psychosis” at the time. He called an expert witness who testified that Vazquez met diagnostic criteria for a mental health condition that distorted her thinking and perception.

Vazquez was sentenced to a 40-day observation at a mental health facility, after which she will be reassessed.

What is psychosis?


Psychosis describes a period of time when a person has lost some degree of contact with reality and is seeing, hearing, and/or believing things that aren’t real. During a period of psychosis (called a psychotic episode), a person may also become very suspicious of others.

Psychosis is not a mental illness, but a symptom of mental health conditions including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression. It’s more common than is normally discussed, and can be very scary and disorienting for the people experiencing it.

Of course, the real reason she was let off is that she’s a woman, and our feminist society doesn’t punish women for anything.

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