Woman Married to Herself Says She’s Open to Cheating on Herself, Thinks She’s Quite a Catch


Women marrying themselves is much more common than many people think.

Daily Mail:

A woman who is married to herself has insisted the process has made her more eligible because it has taught her how to deal with her own issues so a partner doesn’t have to.

Sophie Tanner, 42, wed herself in a Brighton ceremony in 2015, five years after her last serious relationship, which came to an end when she discovered her boyfriend had cheated on her with one of her close friends.

Sophie Tanner, 42

She decided upon the wedding, which was a symbolic ritual, as a way to express love for herself and believes her relationships with friends and family have improved as a result.

But she added that she is open to the possibility of finding love with a man but admitted it is not a priority right now.

Why does a woman think that any man would be interested in a 42-year-old woman?

Well, probably because there actually are such men.

It’s sick.

‘I’m a big advocate of self love but that doesn’t mean I’m against romantic love. The two aren’t mutually exclusive,’ Sophie said.

‘I have a huge respect for the deep love connection that two people can find together, it’s very special and deserves proper respect and value. I really admire couples who make it work. So, yes, I’m totally open to having a partner but I don’t necessarily see it as the only path to living a happy and fulfilled life.

Since I married myself I have been attracted to other guys but they haven’t become partners for one reason or another. My friends totally get the point I’m trying to make, they weren’t expecting me to live like a nun.

However, other people, particularly online trolls, choose not to understand where I’m coming from. They say I’m cheating if I date someone and I can’t have my cake and eat it.

‘But I think that having a good relationship with yourself actually benefits your romantic relationships. After all, the more you deal with your own c***, the less your partner has to,’ she said.

Sophie decided to marry herself in 2015 after the end of a serious relationship.

This is basically a dating ad for this bitch.

Women constantly make themselves the center of attention, and “marrying yourself” is a good way to get into the tabloids.

Men need to remember: the only value a woman has is her ability to produce and to feed children. Every other aspect of a woman does nothing at all but create problems.

Men who have a need to have a “girlfriend” have severe and deranged mommy issues.

I understand that men want to have sex. However, you need to realize in your own brain this simple fact: your sex drive is a drive to reproduce. Your sex drive is the only thing preventing you from simply slitting a woman’s throat and throwing her in a ditch.

However, without reproduction, the sex drive means nothing. Having sex without reproduction is no different than eating food with no nutrients.

This is what I see when I see a “pickup artist”:

Of course now, there are no more pickup artists, for a number of reasons that need to be further examined in detail later.

But this is the bottom line: sex without children is like eating food without nutrients. It is a decadent action.

If you become overcome with lust, you might go to a prostitute, just as if you’re on the road driving and feeling super hungry, you might drive into a McDonald’s. But you don’t need a girlfriend to satisfy sexual urges. That is like moving into a McDonald’s and sleeping in one of the children’s tubes so you have constant access to McDonald’s.

The only reason anyone would consider a “relationship” with a dried up 42-year-old woman is access to sex.

Unless you are totally so damaged beyond recognition that you need a mommy. That is what men say when they talk about their girlfriend as their “partner” or their “companion.” What they are saying is: “she is my mommy.”

This is far beyond a sexual disorder and becomes a deep spiritual disorder.

Point being: if she’s not young and fertile, stay away.

Can we make that rhyme? 

“If she doesn’t have a tight ass, take a pass”?


  • You do not need constant sex
  • You do not need a woman for any reason other than children

There is nothing she can give you other than problems.