Woman is Angry at Teenage Daughters Because She Wanted to Die Without Being a Grandmother

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 25, 2019

Society is punishing women with healthy maternal instincts.

Women who choose not to abort their kids and do whatever they have to do for their survival are shunned by their families, as well as shamed by a culture that portrays motherhood as chains and herpes and chlamydia as the badges of honor for the brave women who dared to Find Themselves.

This is an example from Reddit’s “Am I the Asshole?” community.

From the Reddit post:

I’m 19 and I had my daughter at 14, got pregnant at 13. It was a terrible situation at first, but I made it work. My mother made it clear from the start that she would give me no help at all with the baby, and I accepted that. I did think she was saying that just to scare me, but when I had my kid it turned out to be true, and I raised her on my own the best I could, including working nights at a shop every day (a small clothes shop where I could take my kid with me) at 14 so I could pay for her to go to daycare when I was at school, and I got all the equipment and clothes for free or very cheap from Facebook. The only person who helped me was my brother, who was 23 at the time. I am now a university student at one of my country’s top universities, and I live with my boyfriend of 2 years.

After proving that I could do it, my mom became an amazing grandmother and now she does occasionally help me out.

My 17 year old sister has been with her boyfriend since they were 14. They are saving up to move out when they turn 18 (they have both just turned 17, though), and my sister just found out she’s pregnant. She told me first. She told me she was keeping the baby, and she wanted me there when she told mom, for support and to remind mom it’s not always the end of your life.

So, the time came. She sat mom down, and told her. Mom immediately got PISSED. She blew up, saying pretty much the same stuff she said to me, and worse. My sister was crying, but she was standing her ground saying that she is keeping the baby, and then my sister said ‘you don’t scare me, I have a better support network than (my name)’.

Mom glared at me, and said, ‘well, I was hoping you would have a better life than her, but here we are again’.

I snapped. I told her that I chose to have my baby, raised her on my own, worked my ass off, all out of choice, and if my sister wanted to do the same, at least she would have the support of me and my partner, her bf’s family, and our brother too. Mom stormed out.

She sent me a text later saying that she doesn’t think I ruined my life, but she wanted to make my sister see teenage pregnancy for what it really is, and not just as ‘easy’ and ‘romanticised’ as she sees my life. I was horrified. My sister was 12 and very aware of my situation when I got pregnant, she knows it wasn’t easy and I just feel so disrespected.

AITA? I do get my mom’s point but feel so hurt.

Single mothers are ridiculously damaging to society, but there’s a deeper problem here and it’s not that men aren’t “stepping up” or whatever other malicious insanity the vagina-apologists usually come up with.

No, actually, the problem really is that men aren’t stepping up. Men aren’t stepping up, removing all women’s rights and taking back control over them.

Teenage girls can’t really be blamed for jumping onto the first dick that comes their way.

Their bodies are asking for it.

The media, society and culture are asking for it.

Goo holes gonna goo.

Whoever controls the media and pushed for equality and women’s rights is running a huge dysgenic attack on the population where women, who are functionally half-retarded animals unless under strict male supervision, are left to their own devices and fed a constant stream of corrupting ideas that only make sense in their half-retarded minds while given the right to vote and encouraged to lead.

You can’t really force your healthy teenage daughters not to want to have sex, but the next best thing you can do is to marry them to a man of your choosing.

At least you should be able to, but our modern environment is designed to take power away from men and give it to these doubly-drooling retards.

Teenage women are supposed to want sex. They are supposed to want to give birth to their babies. They are supposed to want to take care of them.

A drive to have sex is a drive to continue the existence of the species, and all living things that reproduce sexually have this drive. Even the insects are doing it.

That’s not the problem.

The problem is the corrupting environment we find ourselves in where their healthy instincts are wasted and they are punished for it.

They suffer because of it. We suffer because of it.

Our future suffers because of it.