Woman Hoaxes Rape After Her Boyfriend Finds Out About Affair

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 26, 2020

This is an outrage.

You’re supposed to believe women.

But we’re told this woman was lying, so we shouldn’t believe her?

I only ever heard “believe women.” I never heard “check to see if what she is saying is true or not.”

The fact that a woman is lying DOES NOT mean that we shouldn’t believe her.

Navy Times:

A Virginia woman who accused a sailor of raping her has now admitted the rape never occurred, according to a recent court filing and a U.S. Department of Justice statement. She accused him of the crime in case her “significant other” found out about their affair.

On Jan. 22, federal prosecutors charged Miranda Overton, 21, of Chesapeake, with one count of making a false statement to an agent.

The lone count stemmed from her July 2, 2018, interview with a Naval Criminal Investigative Service agent at the Bon Secours DePaul Medical Center in Norfolk, where the civilian woman claimed a sailor had raped and sodomized her at Naval Station Norfolk.

In reality, she knew “she had consensual sex” with him, according to the criminal complaint.

A Feb. 11 court filing revealed she asked a federal judge to accept her guilty plea. In a prepared statement released Tuesday, DOJ officials said that her plea has been accepted.

According to the DOJ, agents confronted the sailor about Overton’s allegations and he explained that they hooked up through an online dating application.

Investigators obtained surveillance footage that caught Overton and the sailor kissing in the elevator immediately before the alleged assault. NCIS also reviewed the statement she made during her sexual assault forensic examination where she conceded they agreed to engage in intercourse, officials said.

During a second interview, Overton recanted her accusation, admitted that she “had made another false allegation in the past” and confessed that she lied to NCIS “out of fear that her significant other would end their relationship” if that person learned about the sailor, according to the DOJ statement.

The fact that they were kissing beforehand doesn’t mean it was not rape. Many women kiss men, then go back to their hotel rooms and start having sex with them before the man starts raping them.

In fact, the woman saying that she was lying about the rape doesn’t discount the fact that the rape took place.

This is a major setback to the women’s liberation movement. We can only hope that in the future, in this post-Harvey Weinstein era, people stop asking things like “what if she’s lying?” and simply believe women.

Women deserve to be believed, even when they are lying about rape.

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