Woman Gets Husband’s Best Friend to Kill Him and Collects $1.75M Life Insurance, Marries the Killer

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 7, 2019

Women will do anything for pleasures of the flesh. Especially when the price is right.

Daily Mail:

A Florida woman convicted of helping mastermind the killing of her husband nearly two decades ago has been sentenced to life in prison. 

Denise Williams, 49, was sentenced on Wednesday morning in Tallahassee for her role in the December 2000 murder of her husband Mike Williams.

Prosecutors argued that she plotted the killing of her husband in a scheme to get a $1.75 million life insurance payout.

Brian Winchester testified he had an affair with Denise Williams and shot her husband in December 2000.

Mike Williams, 31, was pushed from his boat, then shot point blank in the face by Winchester, his best friend, during a hunting trip on Lake Seminole 18 years ago. 

Mike Williams and Denise Williams

It was speculated at the time that he drowned and his body was devoured by alligators.

Winchester eventually married Denise Williams but the relationship later soured.

Winchester helped authorities find Mike Williams’ buried body in 2017.

Brian Winchester

Attorneys for Denise Williams maintained Winchester lied to get revenge.

Leon Circuit Judge James Hankinson had little discretion in sentencing as the murder conviction carries a mandatory penalty of life in prison. 

He added an additional 30 years to the sentence for the conspiracy conviction. 

Winchester told the court that his friend Mike confided that his wife Denise had stopped having sex with him, and that he was growing suspicious about her activities. 

He said the growing suspicion and the fact that one of Mike’s insurance policies was about to lapse led him and Denise to kill him.

We knew our window of opportunity was closing,’ Winchester testified.

Winchester then tearfully described the plot to kill Williams.

On December 16, 2000, Brian Winchester and Mike Williams went duck hunting at Lake Seminole.  

He had invited Mike duck hunting on a cold December morning and Winchester said he had intended to drown him by pushing him from his canoe. 

But he said he panicked when he saw Williams struggling in the water to get out of his jacket and duck waders, and shot him point blank in the face with a shotgun. 

He then stuck his best friend’s body into a dog crate and quickly traveled to Tallahassee to bury the body at a familiar hunting spot.

Winchester tried to make it appear as if Williams went missing in a boating mishap – and the plan appeared to work.

Authorities launches an exhaustive 44 day search for Mike’s body after he vanished in 2000. 

Six months after his disappearance, waders believed to belong to Mike were found floating in perfect condition in the search area. They reportedly showed no signs of an alligator attack.

Without a body, Denise petitioned to have her husband declared dead due to accidental drowning and she collected his death benefits. 

Almost three weeks after he went missing, Denise Williams filed a $1.75 million insurance claim, which Winchester helped her fill out. 

You can bet he didn’t see that coming when he married his high school sweetheart.

Not even having him being the father of her kids was a deterrent for her vile nature.

Kathy Thomas, who was married to Brian Winchester, testified that she began to suspect her husband was having an affair with Denise.

She revealed in court how she suspected an affair between her husband and Denise, after Winchester suggested that they have a threesome together.

The two couples had been close because they all attended North Florida Christian School together, but Thomas, also a longtime friend of Mike, testified on Thursday that Denise and Winchester’s ‘friendship’ had begun to make her uncomfortable. 

Thomas confirmed that she went on a spring break trip to Panama City Beach with Denise and Winchester in 2001 after Mike’s death.

The court had earlier heard that photos were taken during the trip of the two women kissing at a strip club.

‘Whenever it was just me with Brian and Denise it was uncomfortable,’ Thomas said,  speaking about her suspicions of an affair.

‘I felt like the third wheel, I felt like I was on a date with the two of them.’

Thomas said that in 2003, three years after Mike Williams’ disappearance, her husband, Brian Winchester, told her what really happened.

Some may believe not all women are like this, and they’d be wrong. All women are like this given the right circumstances and for the right people. You have to assume all women and girls are depraved whores because they are indeed depraved whores. If they haven’t done any whoring or any depraved stuff it’s only because they’ve been somehow kept in line by men, but that doesn’t really happen as in those cases they’re actually doing all the whoring and depraved stuff out of your sight.

In the rare instances where women or girls have never ever done any whoring or depraved thing, they’ve actually done those things in their minds. Just look at literature about female fantasies. Their minds are very dark places.

Contrary to what most men think, marrying your high school sweetheart is not really a great idea. Yes, you somehow know more about her sexual past and you’re slightly more likely to get a virgin, but there’s two huge downsides worth mentioning here now.

The first downside is that our culture is poisoned by the Jews, who have engineered the College Life Experience to make sure all women slut around and lose the ability to form a strong bond with a man. To achieve that, the media bombards young girls with this Sex and the City kind of idea where empowerment is portrayed as being a huge slut with no regards for morality, and college is portrayed as a ticket to a judgment-free mass orgy.

This makes college-aged women very likely to leave their high school boyfriends at any time and go looking for some stranger dick in Campus Dick Land.

The second downside also potentiates the first, and it is that high school sweethearts saw their boyfriends in the developmental stages of a man. They saw the early process of them turning into men and thus the illusion was broken. Women don’t appreciate this “he worked for what he has” thing. Really, they don’t. Women want magic men that were just born great and were great even when toddlers. They can’t understand that a man builds his value and grows into greatness because working for value is an alien concept to them.

Women are born with their value, which peaks automatically in their teenage years without them doing anything, and then starts to decline as they age. Their value is their fertility. While teenagers, they start to experience all the upsides of being high value, enjoying all kinds of male attention and witnessing how men bend over backwards to satisfy them.

When they see a man work to improve himself, they don’t think “hey what a great man he’s really going to achieve something great.” No. That’s not what women think. What women think when they see a man working to improve himself is “lol what a try-hard loser he has to fake value while I have that naturally. I’m so out of his league.”

Add to the above that marriage nowadays is a very bad idea due to Jews corrupting our institutions and giving women all kinds of incentives to fuck their husbands over, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Women literally have financial incentives to destroy marriages and families. If you marry them, you give them a button to instantly get half of your stuff and “next you” that they can push any time for any reason or no reason at all, just because they feel like it. That’s by design, as the Jews want to deter whites from forming strong families.

Some of you may already be married, and some of you may want to marry anyway. In those cases, know that although not infallible, keeping them constantly pregnant and dependent on you helps keeps these funny destructive ideas out of their heads. You should also hide as much of your assets as possible.

It’s a tricky situation to fix without first setting up a proper lampshade industry.