Woman from New York City Reports on the Claims of Her Nurse Friend Regarding What’s Happening in Hospitals

This woman alleges that she is a nurse and that her nurse friend has asked her to say that New York City hospitals are doing a shitty job with no oversight, putting people on high-pressure ventilators causing lung damage needlessly, avoiding contact with patients to the point of not rendering them care, etc. I do not fully understand the implications of the medical jargon procedures she is alleging, and I do not endorse this video as anything more than hearsay.

Still, if everything she says were true, we would not be hearing more than hearsay about it.

What we do know as a matter of fact is that medicare is giving hospitals $39,000 for every person they put on a ventilator. We also know as a matter of fact that most of these hospitals are going under financially, given that the federal government ordered them to stop seeing non-emergency, non-coronavirus patients, and it just isn’t really possible for them to stay financially viable after being forced into this situation for going on three months, so they’re going to be trying to get money however they can.

Most of them are just lying about people dying of coronavirus, given that in order to mark someone down as having died of coronavirus, all you have to do is “observe weakness at time of death.” They give you $13,000 for that.

But a lot of hospitals are going to want that $39,000. If someone is already dying, just let them die on a ventilator, and that means you don’t have to lay off another doctor.

So who knows if the material in the video is real. It certainly could be.

This is from late April: