Woman Films Her Own Abortion in Order to Promote the Practice to the Youth

Daily Stormer
May 7, 2014

Emily Letts, baby killer.  Such a pretty girl, too.  I believe it is men's job to keep women from behaving like this.
Emily Letts, baby killer. Such a pretty girl, too. I believe it is men’s job to keep women from behaving like this.

Are we at the bottom yet, Jews, or is there still further to go?

NY Daily News:

An abortion counselor wanted to tell a positive abortion story by filming her own procedure.

Emily Letts, 25, a patient advocate at the Cherry Hill Women’s Center in Cherry Hill, N.J., produced an online film of her abortion in November.

She wrote in an essay for Cosmopolitan that she wanted to discuss the feelings women who get the procedure feel — especially the guilt.

“I know there are women who feel great remorse. I have seen the tears. Grieving is an important part of a woman’s process, but what I really wanted to address in my video is guilt,” she wrote. “Our society breeds this guilt. We inhale it from all directions. Even women who come to the clinic completely solid in their decision to have an abortion say they feel guilty for not feeling guilty. Even though they know 110% that this is the best decision for them, they pressure themselves to feel bad about it.”

The video shows Emily the night before the procedure as she informs the audience she is pregnant but not ready to have children.

“I feel lucky. I’m completely comfortable with the decision. I feel supported by everyone,” she says. “I just want to share my story to show women there is such a thing as a positive abortion story.”

The former actress said she became a counselor as a way to help women and support them after years of feeling competitive with other women because of her former profession.

But Letts, who did not return messages seeking comment, became pregnant in November because she said she didn’t use birth control.

Is there anything one can imagine more gruesome and evil than this?

Here’s the video, for those with the stomach.  I haven’t watched it, but apparently it just shows her face while it is happening.

She defended the decision to kill her own child and film it in the most bizarre manner.


After the procedure, she said: “I don’t feel like a bad person. I don’t feel sad. I feel in awe of the fact that I can make a baby. I can make a life.

“I knew that what I was going to do was right because it was right for me and no one else. I just want to share my story.”

She is proud she is “in awe” of the fact she can make a life, so she murders the child?

What does it mean?

We are in Hell.

When will enough be enough?