Woman Feels She’s Dating the Perfect Man But Learns He Was Sodomized as a Boy, Now Wants to Break-Up

Pomidor Quixote and Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 17, 2019

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but in this woman’s case her writing is enough to take a good look inside.

There’s a Reddit “subreddit” called “Am I the Asshole?” where people share stories for others to judge whether they were right or wrong.

Check out this little gem here. She was branded an asshole, in case you were wondering.

From the Reddit post (backup here):

Im a 20yo woman currently dating my 24 yo boyfriend of 5 months.

Hes tall, muscular, blonde with blue eyes. Hes also really dominant and works at a start up doing marketing. In general hes very smart, funny, yadda yadda you get it. I like him.

However even though our sex life is good hes been having trouble performing starting a week and a half ago. I thought it was me at first so i asked him and he started to break down a bit before crying. Hes just started seeing a therapist or “counselor” about his childhood.

Then he tells me that he was raped as an 11 year old by his stepbrother, multiple times when he was young. This floored me as up until this point he seemed so macho and sort of like a “tough guy” and nows hes confessing to being raped by another man while completely being in tears and holding me.

I held him back and let him vent but i ended up leaving (we were at his apartment).

I completely understand that its horrible being a rape victim but honestly i dont know if i could see him the same way again. I had this image of him thats completely shattered and honestly everytime i see him text me I just feel weird now.

My best friend thinks i should try to keep dating him for a bit but im really not attracted to him like i was before. We’re not broken up yet but im considering it kinda. AITA?

Let’s unpack what happened there.

First, it’s not really about the rape. Forget about the rape for a second.

It’s that she saw the image of a strong man shatter before her eyes.

He cried in front of her, he held her. He cried in her arms.

The mommy instincts of healthy women kill sexual attraction.

What that does to women’s brains is different than what you may think. Women in that situation don’t think that the man in front of them had the strength to overcome a traumatic event and to turn himself into the man that conquered their hearts, no. Fuck no. What women think in those situations is that they’ve been cheated. They feel tricked. It was all a lie. They think he was just pretending before, and that they’ve now seen the real him.

That’s just how women are. We’re not going to change how they work by having a conversation with them because even if we win an argument about this and they agree with us, it will not change their internal mechanisms.

What women say and think is irrelevant.

Their bodies are the slaves of a fallen Desire.

They think they’re in control because they ride on top, but they’re just carried away without them ever choosing the path.

If you show them your weaknesses, they’ll attack.

Under no circumstances should you ever show weakness or emotion to a woman.

Do not even ever apologize to her.

Definitely never cry and share a secret trauma. It will make her despise you.

We used to be able to share things like this with men, and that was healthy and good. Now, we are afraid of being accused of being faggots, or someone thinking we are a faggot, if we show emotion to other men, so we go running to women to share these things.

Any woman will respond in the same way as the woman in the reddit post. Understand that. It is a biological impulse. Do not think that you can rise above this, that you are different or the woman you’ve found is different, because you will get burned.