Woman Dumps Newborn Puppies in the Trash as If They Were Her Own Unborn Babies

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 21, 2019

Look at the way she dumps them. Watch her.

That’s exactly how modern women treat their own babies.

Daily Mail:

This is the sickening moment a woman is caught on surveillance footage dumping seven newborn puppies in the trash in the 90F Coachella heat.

Police are now hunting the unidentified culprit after the three-day-old terrier mixes were left in a sealed bag in soaring California temperatures on Thursday afternoon.

Security footage released by the Riverside County Animal Services shows the woman, with long dark hair and dressed a skit and tank top, in a white Jeep Wrangler pulling into a parking lot.

The dogs only survived after being found by a passer by who spotted the bag and took it to a nearby store.

The way she threw that bag is a great portrayal of women’s attitude towards motherhood these days.

These whores are evil.

LifeSiteNews, Apil 17, 2019:

Official data highlighted by media platforms this week has shown a tragic rise in abortion rates amongst young women in England and Wales. Figures published by the Office for National statistics (ONS), after data updates this month, revealed that in 2017, 33.2% of unborn babies conceived by women aged 20 to 24 were killed by abortion.

They sacrifice their own babies to the Jewish volcano entity and dump noble puppies in the trash while they welcome brown demon creatures with open arms. Their motherhood instincts have been corrupted and turned into a drive for destruction, where they kill the good in horrible ways and throw a welcome party for oblivion.

Women kill the innocent, reject their own blood and their role as mothers, then attempt to fill that void in them with the shallow gratitude of the brown and black demons that will eventually destroy them.

Towards these beast, our women are good and noble. Towards our people, they’re evil.

The Jews did this.

The Jews have turned our women into their human sacrifice assistants.

Oy Siri, abort your baby, Moloch is hungry.

They’ve convinced our women that removing piece by piece the babies growing inside of them is empowering, that doing things that men find disgusting is liberating, that cutting their hair short and being overweight are ways to fight the patriarchy, and that they’re entitled to everything for the sole reason of existing.

The Jews brainwashed our women into thinking that white men — the ones who’ve built everything they enjoy — are somehow defective and that brown and black males are the superior choice despite the fact that all the things blacks and browns have are inventions of the white man.

This wasn’t always like this.

If we want our women to be feminine again, and if we want our women to be mothers again, we have to remove the source of their corruption.

We have to defeat the Jews and reclaim our women both to save our future and to save all of these puppies getting dumped in the trash by these whores.