Woman Divorced Husband Almost 20 Years Ago But Now Wants to Take His Pension Too

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 20, 2019

The torment doesn’t end when she goes away.

Marriage is such a bad deal nowadays that divorce is not even the end of it. After twenty years, she’ll still be thinking of new ways of fucking you over even if you two had no contact at all in that time and you’ve long forgotten about her.

This woman wrote to This is Money, a UK financial website, asking if she could squeeze anything else from her ex-husband decades after their divorce.

This is Money:

I was married for 19 years to a very violent controlling man. After two years fighting for a divorce, I got one on the grounds of unreasonable behavior.

I would like to know if I am entitled to half his pensions from the time I was married to him. 

He had no solicitor in court as he threatened him. I was divorced in 2000. How do I go about finding out what to do?

“Very violent controlling man” in womanspeak means that he grew suspicious of her shady behavior and started asking questions, and then maybe he got angry and yelled at her after she avoided answering those questions for far too long.

No woman who’s not cheating, trying to cheat or pretending to cheat (they do that) ever called her man “very controlling.”

That said, this dried-up whore wants to continue making her ex-husband’s life miserable two decades after they divorced because she’s not satisfied with the extent of the damage their divorce caused him. Her feeling short on money and thinking of ways to further squeeze stuff out of him follows that dissatisfaction.

You see… women want to absolutely ruin the lives of the men they divorce because their nature demands they always switch for a better deal, thus they need reassurance that the man they left is not ever coming back up and surpassing the man they’ll get next.

One of a woman’s worst nightmares is leaving a boyfriend or husband and then finding out he’s having a great life with a younger and hotter woman than her. It drives them mad.

To stop these nightmares from taking over her life, she’ll do everything in her power to push you as far down as she can push you hoping you’ll never get back up. During a breakup, she’ll make up lies that you’ve abused her and been mean to her and she’ll tell all of your friends and family those lies until you’re ostracized from your own group. She’ll try to steal your all your friends. she’ll tell everyone that you know that you’ve been abusive and possibly also that you raped her either physically or mentally.

Fiona Wood, partner at McAlister Family Law, replies: It must have been very difficult being married to your ex-husband.

Given how difficult he was regarding you obtaining a divorce, I can understand why you are only now considering what financial claims you may have against him.

The good news is that as long as a financial order has not been made within your divorce proceedings, which is completely separate to the divorce itself, you still have financial claims that you can pursue, including a claim against your ex-husband’s pensions

If there is no financial order in place, you potentially can make a full range of financial claims against your ex-husband, which include claims against his assets (including his business assets), against his pensions and against his income.

Please be aware that your ex-husband can also potentially make financial claims against your assets, pensions and income.

You and your husband were married for 19 years, which is a long marriage when looking at what a fair financial settlement is.

If a judge were asked to consider a financial settlement now, they would also have to factor in that you have been separated for 20 years and that assets may well have been acquired by either or both of you after separation.

A judge will want to know the value of the assets at the time of separation, including your ex-husband’s pensions, although this will not be the only factor that they take into account when considering what a fair settlement would be.

They will take into account the length of the marriage, your respective ages, both your assets, your respective earning capacities and most importantly both your financial needs.

You need to be aware that whilst you do have a potential claim upon your ex-husband’s pensions, you do not appear to be able to obtain a pension sharing order.

Pension sharing orders can only be made when the divorce petition was issued after 1 December 2000. It would appear that your divorce petition was issued in 1998.

If this is the case, you can still make a claim against his pensions, but this would result in a pension attachment order, which means you would receive a percentage of his monthly pension payments when he retires.

If you have remarried you will not be able to claim a pension attachment order.

Alternatively, you can receive a capital sum in lieu of a pension attachment order as you can get this even if you have remarried.

Female empowerment is not just about the pill and degenerate sexual conduct, it’s also about giving women systemic power through the law system so they can fuck you over in many different ways.

This whore left a man but she didn’t leave his money. She doesn’t want him but she wants his stuff.

Women divorce men but they don’t divorce men’s pockets.

Laws are encouraging these witches to destroy men’s lives.